Thursday, August 18, 2005

Educate our young on "character"

Our education system focused on "excellence".

To be excellent, a student has to be top in the class. He have to compete against his classmates. Unconsciously, he learns to be self-centered and selfish.

I prefer an education system that is more balanced. Apart from excellence, it has to teach our students on "character". He has to learn to be considerate, to be generous, to be honest and to show concern for others.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Difficult to make regular saving?

A young person told me that his salary is not enough. He has to pay back a university loan. He finds it difficult to make regular saving. What is my advice?

I replied that his priority should be:

- be frugal and modest in his expenses
- repay his university loan in installments
- make regular saving of 10% to 15% of his salary

After that, he can use any spare saving for travel, entertainment and other expenses. He should avoid taking a loan for a car or other major expenses, as the interest charges are high.

It is important to have regular saving now, when he has a job. In the future, jobs will be less certain. He may be retrenched or the company may close down. At that time, he will have to draw down on his savings.

The best way to invest the saving is in a flexible plan, such as a ILP (investment linked plan).

I hope that this advice is useful for other young people.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Repair new cars at distributor workshops?

Someone asked me, "Why can't NTUC Income discuss with the distributor workshop to repair new cars at their workshop and protect the warranty? "

My answer is:

- we are prepared to work with the distributor workshop
- we have approached them on many occasions in the past
- some are willing to agree with us on a price that is 150% of our quality workshop
- other distributors insist on their repair charges, ie 250% of our quality workshop.

We suspect that the distributors discriminate against us on their pricing. They are willing to give discounts to their tied up insurer, but not to us.

We suggest that the motorist register with us, and come to us after the first year. You can enjoy a 10% discount on our competitive premiums.

Insure your new car with NTUC Income

I encourage owner to insure their new cars with NTUC Income:

- you enjoy lower premium

- if your car is repaired at our quality workshop and your distributor void the warranty, we will take over the warranty.

You do not have to pay higher insurance premium or servicing charges, just to protect your warranty.

My advice: you can use the free warranty provided by the distributor for the initial period. After that, you can forget about the warranty. Many motorists tell me that any defects in the car is likely to be identified within the first few months.

If your distributor gives you an incentive to insure with their tied-up insurers, you can take the incentive for the first year. For the second year, you can come to NTUC Income.

If you register with us now, we will give you a discount of 10% on your insurance. You enjoy this 10% discount ON TOP of our competitive premium rates.

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