Saturday, April 30, 2005

Get your daily news about your neighbourhood

NTUC Income is launching eNN, an electronic newsletter for each constituency in Singapore, from 1 May 2005.

The aim of producing eNN is:

- to promote an awareness and interest of happenings in the neighbourhood
- to promote social cohesion
- to create a target of 500 new jobs when all the constituences are operational

The newsletter will be sent to residents who registerd at the website:

This is intended for local news. It covers local events that happened in the constituency, such as the events organised by the community center, school, town center, library and others. These news are usually not covered in the national newspapers due to lack of space.

It will also carry advertisements from the local shops and service providers. The shops can advertise their special offers and interesting products. Service providers can advertise their services, such as tuition, child care, baby sitting, elderly care, car wash, home repair, computer repair, etc.

To register:

Tan Kin Lian
CEO, NTUC Income

Coping with a business downturn

Someone ask me, "how is business"? I replied, "Business is down. But it is good".


When business is down, everyone should work less, earn less and spend more time with the family or pursue a hobby.

We should not expect business to be always good, and to work hard all the time. We need to take a break.

I want to encourage people to be on a "holiday resort" mentality.

During peak season, they work very hard. During the off-peak season, only a few shops are open for business. The other people take the time off to do something else.

They manage their earnings to survive on their earnings during the peak season.

Similarly, people who work in other industries should have a lifestyle based on 70% of their regular earnings. They should set aside the 30% as savings for the rainy day.

If they wish to change or lose their job, they can draw on their savings. They will not face any financial hardship.

I also encourage employers to adopt a more humane approach. When business is down, reduce the salary of all workers proportionately, with proportionate time off. Do not retrech the workers, unless they are able to find alterantive jobs elsewhere. Let the sacrifice be shared equally.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Survey: Integrated Resorts

The Singapore government recently announced the development of two integrated resorts with casinos at Marina Bay and Sentosa. We carried out a survey with 100 people representing a cross section of Singapore.

1. The two resorts will attract more tourists to Singapore and boost our tourism industry. Agree: 92%

2. The two resorts will turn Singapore into a vibrant hub in Asia, ahead of its regional competitors. Agree: 79%

3. I support the development of two resorts, as they serve different needs and will complement each other. Agree: 70%

4. I have confidence in the government to minimise potential social harms brought about by the casinos. Agree: 68%

5. The economic advantages brought by the casino resorts will outweigh the social harms. Agree: 68%

6. Social harms brought by the casinos will be minimal, as they constitute only a minor part of the resorts. Agree: 49%

7. The high entrance fee and ban on credit will protect Singaporeans against the ills of casino gambling. Agree: 39%

8. Are you in favour for casino development in Singapore? Yes: 71%

Period of Survey: 21 - 27 Apr 2005

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