Friday, August 02, 2019

Confusing table of Medishield Life premium

Someone asked me why the cost of private health insurance keeps premium.

I advised him to switch to Medishield Life to reduce the lower cost of health insurance. What is the difference?

Avoid being overbearing in giving feedback

On two recent occasions, my friend gave me a lengthy feedback about the feelings from the ground.

I generally welcome feedback, but it should be within sensible limit.

Vote on these issues

Will the global stock market crash in 3Q of 2019?
Is the rap video against the Chinese offensive?

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WOTC: People's Voice Party

Wisdom of the Crowd: 45% of the participants in this survey expect the People's Voice Party (under Lim Tean) to win 1 to 4 seats at the next general election. This is the category with the most votes.

See the breakdown of the votes in

WOTC: Worker's Party

Wisdom of the Crowd: 50% of the participants in this survey expect the Workers Party to win 5 to 10 seats at the next general election. This is the category with the most votes.

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Thursday, August 01, 2019

Trust your common sense

We are seeing rapid technological changes. it is difficult to keep up with the advances. It is easy to be carried away by the amazement.

However, I like to suggest that we should hold on to our common sense. Do not let the amazement detract us from using our common sense.

Let me quote some examples.

Health insurance premium keep increasing

Hi Mr Tan

I need to check with you if there is any regulatory body to check on the insurance premium rates in Singapore?

3 years ago, I paid $356 for hospitalization coverage, including private hospital.

Last year, they increase the premium to $898 for the same coverage but give the option to downgrade to coverage only for public hospital.

The reason was higher medical cost and more expensive claims.

I downgraded the plan and paid $296.

This year, the insurance company sent another letter to say premium now increase again! Citing the same reason

How come like that ?

The Monetary Authority of Singapore regulate the insurance company but they do not regulate the premium rate for health insurance.

If you find the premium rate charged by the insurance company to be too high, I suggest that you move to Medishield Life, which is operated by CPF. The premium rate should be lower.

You may see an increase in premium rate when you move to a higher age band. It may not be due to increase in claims.

You can check the premium rate for Medishield Life from webpage and compare it with the premium charged by your insurer.

Stop unhealthy competition in schools

I suggest this approach to stop unhealthy competition in schools. Do you agree?

A different approach towards streaming

Instead of streaming the students according to their learning ability, I prefer this simple approach that was used in the old days. Do you agree?

How to organize an attractive promotion

Huawei is not the only commercial company that faced this problem of giving an attractive discount for their promotion. This has happened many times in the past.

There is a way of organizing the promotion that avoids the long queues and unhappy customers.

This is my suggestion. Do you agree?

Adversarial politics is bad for Singapore

DPM Heng SK said that adversarial politics is bad for Singapore. I agree with this view.

However, one track PAP politics is equally harmful.

What is the alternative?

Wisdom of the Crowd - new issues

The new issues for your voting are:

a) The stimulus package mentioned by DPM Heng
b) The new PSLE scoring system

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WOTC - Singapore Democratic Party

Wisdom of the Crowd: 51% of the participants in this survey expect the Singapore Democratic Party (under Dr. Chee Soon Juan) to win 1 to 4 seats in the next general election. This is the category with the most votes.

See the detailed results in

WOTC - Progress Singapore Party

Wisdom of the Crowd: 41% of the participants in this survey expected the Progress Singapore Party (under Dr. Tan Cheng Bock) to win 5 to 9 seats in the coming general election. This is the category with the most votes.

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Focus on the positive

I share this story of a few instances that I encountered in Indonesia where the people focused on the positive aspects. I hope that our people in Singapore can adopt some of this culture.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Vote in Wisdom of the Crowd

I have created the following issues for voting:

a) Were the protesters in Hong Kong funded by foreign or vested interests?
b) Will China send in troops to stop the rioting?

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WOTC - Did Singapore benefit from colonization by Britain?

Wisdom of the Crowd: 59% of the participants in this survey held that Singapore had benefited from colonization by Britain and another 9% held that it would be better if we had remained under Britain. 32% felt that we did not benefit from the colonization.

See the detailed results in

WOTC: US election 2020

Wisdom of the Crowd; 44% of the participants in this survey expect Donald Trump to be re-elected as president of the United States in 2020. The other 56% expect somebody else.

See details in

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Suicide concern in Singapore

Straits Times:

Suicides among teenage boys hit a record high in Singapore last year, according to the breakdown of official statistics provided by the Samaritans of Singapore. Though not at record levels, the number of people taking their own lives across all age groups also rose, with those over 60 the sole exception. In total there were 8.36 suicides per 100,000 residents in Singapore in 2018, up from 7.74 in 2017. Seventy percent of suicides last year were by men.

The big picture: In the grand scheme of things, Singapore’s suicide rate is still comparatively lower than many countries in the region - the suicide rate in South Korea is above 20 - but the increase is a significant concern in the fast-paced, high-pressure city. The Samaritans of Singapore noted that it was disconcerting that many young people “felt unsupported through their darkest periods”.

Wisdom of the Crowd

You can vote on these issues and win a prize.

WOTC - Performance of President Trump

Wisdom of the Crowd: 65% of the people who voted in this survey had a negative view of the performance of President Trump. The other 35% had a positive view.

See the breakdown of the votes in

WOTC - Charging of PMDs at home

Wisdom of the Crowd - 32% of the participants in this survey preferred that PMDs be charged at authorized shops to prevent the fairs at homes caused by charging. The other 68% opted for other measures.

See the breakdown of the votes in

Monday, July 29, 2019

Use of NRIC to identify a customer

The law that disallow the use of NRIC to identify a customer for business transactions is likely to cause a lot of wasteful work and a lot of ensuing problems.

The government should review the law.

Avoid arrogance in giving comments

I have often seem many cases of arrogant comments given by people.

They have certain knowledge of the issue, and they think that they knowledge is correct. They express their comments in an arrogant and disdainful way.

They did not realize the following:

How will people vote in the general election?

I have created four issues on how the different groups of people will vote in the general election

a) Educated elderly voters
b) Lowly educated elderly voters
c) Voters with family commitments
d) First time voters.

Give your views on what will influence their votes

WOTC - Sharp drop in exports

Wisdom of the Crowd: 84% of the participants in the survey have negative views about the Singapore economy following the sharp drop in exports. The other 16% have positive views.

See the detailed breakdown in

WOTC - Impact of protest on HK economy

Wisdom of the Crowd: 59% of the people who participated in the survey have negative view about the protest which has harmed the HK economy. The other 41% have positive views.

See the detailed result in

Sunday, July 28, 2019

IOT system to track children and dementia elderly

I like to propose an IOT (internet of things) system to track young children and elderly suffering from dementia.

Read more details here and give your vote.

Revised health care subsidy under CHAS

The Straits Times reported that more than 365,000 people will benefit from the revised health care subsidy that will be implemented from October. It seems to be a timely change to catch the general election.
Here are some facts that are not stated:

High cost of Integrated Plan

I wish to share this story about the interpretation of the moratorium under the Integrated plan.

Vote in WOTC

Does the PAP government takes governance seriously, as stated by DPM Heng?

Should section 377A of the constitution be repealed?

WOTC - Cap on rental of hawker stalls

Wisdom of the Crowd: 92% of the participants in this survey want the rentals for the hawker stalls to be capped in two suitable ways. 8% prefer to leave the rentals to be determined by the market.

See the details in

WOTC - Public transport fares

Wisdom of the Crowd: 97% of the participants in this survey do not accept the impending increase in public transport fares. They wanted the Land Transport Authority to find other ways to carry out the operation viably.

See the detailed result in

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