Saturday, April 02, 2016

SingTel is inconsiderate and provide bad service to customers

ISSUE. I have an internet dongle provided by SingTel. I transferred the SIM card to my mobile hotspot. They asked me for the password, which I don't have. I called SingTel business care hotline to ask if my SIM card could be used for the hotspot and what the password is.

I find the voice response option to be very confusing. I do not know what button to press to speak to somebody. I had to call 3 times.

On my third attempt, they asked me for the telephone number that I am enquiring on. I do not know the number because it is on my internet dongle. So, they kicked me out of the system.

The people who designed SingTel call center process flow are inconsidrate. They make their customers waste so much time of the troublesome call center and still end up without the expected service. 

Pro-globalization trade policies have bad consequencies

PM Lee said that the anti-globalisation policies promoted by the US presidential candidates will pose challenges to the world. Thse candidates are Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

The pro-globalization trade policies have been a disaster for the United States and have led to high income inequality, loss of jobs and lower wages. This has not only affected the working class in America badly, it has also resulted in an unstable global economic environment.

It is time to change this bad global economic system. It is time for PM Lee to get into the right side of history.

Bernie Sanders revolution will change the US congress

Bernie Sander's revolution will not only bring him to the White House. He will also help many Democrats to win election into the House of Representatives and the Senate. The working class  and young voters that turn out to vote in November will also be voting to support Democratic candidates into Congress. He will find a Congress that is supportive of his policies.

Mr. Tan: What do you think of Medishield Life?

Dear Mr. Tan
Personally as a citizen, it is a real failure to address the real medical needs of the people. On the one hand they want to take care of the people whilst on the other they want private insurers to make money that is why they still have limits and no pre and post hospital consultations/testings which could be costly.

Just wonder how much private insurers are making over the years.

If our G is really concerned shouldn't they totally take care and managed the healthcare system. It is really wasteful seeing 6 insurers and G resources which could easily be centralised as 1 central resouce to manage our own healthcare system.

To prevent abuse they could have a minimal deductible for B2 and below and if G hospitals cannot cope with appointments and hospital beds, G hospitals refer patients to private and they will be charged based on G rates. The private hospitals will than charged their rates back to the G hospitals. This will keep the G hospitals on their toes instead of now they simply say no beds its national issue, waiting time 3 months. Patients are forced to go to private because of this.

If medishield life is really simple to understand just like initially the PGP etc, why are they spending $m on TV and printed advertisements and all seems to focus on elderly/Prioneers telling them that their medical is taking care of. What about non pioneers who just stick to Medishield Life only?

Looks like this is another failure on the G part - getting the 'wrong' people in the committee.

What will you do if asked to come up with a National Healthcare System?

One large insurer is making a large profit on this class of business. The other two large insurers make a modest profit. Details can be read here:
I agree with your suggestion that the private hospitals should be allowed to treat patients at the same rates charged by public hospitals, and they can be given the same subsidy that the public hospitals get. This will expand the number of beds available to take care of more people that are now insured.

There are many changes that can be done to streamline and improve Medishield Life. They include the following:

a) Remove the deductible
b) Set the standard fees for treatment and cover them fully, instead of setting confusing limits

There are more items to be reviewed. I shall write them separately.

Talk on Financial Planning - 9 April

Register now for the talk on financial planning to be held on Saturday 9 April - just one week away.

Bernie Sander's campaign received record contributions in March

Thank you, sisters and brothers. I am overwhelmed and I am moved by the fact that in March alone, our campaign received more than 1.7 million individual contributions from working Americans, and that it was our most successful fundraising month of the campaign.
Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that so many people would come together in a way that is not only unprecedented, but is transforming American politics. Since we started building this political revolution together, we have received more than 6.5 million individual contributions. And do you know what our average contribution is?
Just $27.
What we are doing through our campaign is proving that you don’t have to go around begging Wall Street, fossil fuel lobbyists, and pharmaceutical executives for outrageous sums of money in order to run a winning campaign.
I am very proud of that fact. You should be as well.
And building this kind of broad-based, grassroots movement is important because this moment in our history requires transformational change that no candidate for president, not Bernie Sanders or anybody else, can achieve alone.
That is why we are building a political revolution that is bringing millions of people together. Working people who have given up on the political process. Blacks and whites, Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans, straight, gay and transgender, female and male, people who were born in America and people who immigrated here all joining with each other.
And what we are saying loudly and clearly at every volunteer event, every rally, and with every contribution is that we believe this government belongs to all of us, and not just a wealthy few campaign donors.
That is what this campaign is about.
That is the political revolution.
In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders

Message from Bernie Sander's campaign regarding donation received by Hillary Clinton from the fossil fuel industry

Sisters and Brothers -
During a campaign stop and fundraiser in New York yesterday, Hillary Clinton was asked by a young woman if she’d stop taking money from the fossil fuel industry. It was a simple question, one she could have easily answered with a "yes," or, perhaps because of the way she funds her campaign, responded with a "no."
Instead, she said she was "sick of the Sanders campaign lying" about the donations she receives.
Now, here’s the truth — the hard numbers don’t lie. And it’s something everyone should know as this video spreads online and is covered in the news:The fossil fuel industry has given more than $4.5 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her top super PAC, including 11 lobbyists who have bundled more than $1 million to her put her in the White House.
Earlier in this campaign, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley signed a pledge to refuse money from fossil fuel interests. No Republican added their name, which isn’t surprising given that they don’t believe climate change is real. But neither did Hillary Clinton. It’s time for her to distance herself from the Republicans on this issue and add her name.
When we talk about our responsibilities as humans beings, there is nothing more important than leaving this country and our entire planet in a way that is habitable to our children and grandchildren. Donald Trump may believe that climate change is a hoax being perpetrated by the Chinese, but for almost everyone else, the debate is over. The scientific community is unanimous on this issue.
And what the scientists are saying is that we must boldly transform our energy system away from fossil fuels and into energy efficiency. Unfortunately one of the biggest obstacles to realizing that goal is a corrupt system of campaign finance that enriches the CEOs of fossil fuel companies at the expense of average Americans and our planet.
The easiest way to reject their influence is to refuse their money. And it would send a powerful message if the leading presidential candidates in the Democratic Party both stand up and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH, we are tired of fossil fuel companies regulating Congress with their campaign contributions and not the other way around.
Bernie has taken that pledge. It’s time for Hillary Clinton to join him.
The United States must lead the world in fighting climate change. CEOs are making record profits, while climate change ravages our planet and our people. Refusing their money is the first step towards combatting their obscene influence.
In solidarity,
Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bernie Sanders ask for additional debate before the New York primary election

We sent a letter to Hillary Clinton's campaign over the weekend asking for a debate in New York before its battleground primary on April 19.
You can read the full letter to Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook here:
Dear Robby,
I am writing to you about the remaining, agreed-upon Democratic primary season debates in April and May of this year. As you know, Secretary Clinton agreed to three additional debates – one in March, one in April, one in May – in return for our campaign agreeing to the late-scheduled debate in New Hampshire prior to that state’s primary.
At Senator Sanders’ request, the March debate was held in Michigan. As I understand it, there was previously agreement reached by our representatives for the May debate to be held in California. I trust that commitment remains on your part.
However, there has not been agreement on the April debate in terms of date or location. Our campaign continues to believe that the people of New York deserve to have the debate held in their state, and that it should be held prior to the New York primary.
Given the outcome of electoral contests since March 15th it is clearer than ever that New York will play a critical role in determining the Democratic nominee. However, your campaign has consistently chosen to deny the people of New York the opportunity to see Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton debate in the Empire State.
It is difficult to understand your motivation. I have received calls from numerous news companies seeking to sponsor a New York debate so I know the media interest would be high. Can you please explain why New York should not host the April debate? Is the Secretary concerned about debating before the people who twice elected her to the U.S. Senate?
Perhaps there is some tactical advantage you are seeking by avoiding a debate in New York but I would remind you that Senator Sanders agreed to debate the Secretary in New Hampshire when he was well ahead in the polls.
I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience so we can schedule the New York debate in April.
Jeff Weaver

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bernie Sanders message to supporters ahead of Wisconsin election

Sisters and Brothers -
When our campaign first set foot in Wisconsin this past summer, we got a very warm welcome from the people of Wisconsin. I spoke to more than 10,000 people in Madison about our corrupt political system, our broken economy, and how our political revolution can take back our country from people like the Koch Brothers in the billionaire class.
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the Republican Party weren't as happy to see me. Governor Walker, who has been helped throughout his career by the Koch Brothers, issued statements against us, and the GOP even put up billboards calling me an "extremist."
Well, let's talk about extremism. Scott Walker has attacked the minimum wage, gutted unions, made it much harder to vote, and restricted access to abortion.That is extremism.
I can think of no better place for our political revolution to continue its momentum than in Wisconsin. The latest poll has us down just a few points, and I know that if we work together right now, we can pull off a huge victory.
With a huge FEC fundraising deadline on Thursday at midnight, there has not been a more important time for you to support our campaign.
Not only has Governor Walker been helped throughout his career by huge financial support from the Koch Brothers, but he has enacted their ideology while in office.
When you deny the right of workers to come together in collective bargaining, that's extremism.
When you tell a woman that she cannot control her own body, that's extremism.
When you give tax breaks to billionaires and refuse to raise the minimum wage, that's extremism.
Our views, which represent the views of the vast majority of the American people, are a little bit different. We believe that the time has come for the people of Wisconsin and all over the country to create a movement that tells the billionaire class: YOU CAN'T HAVE IT ALL!
And what we are saying to the Koch Brothers and Scott Walker is that this great country belongs to everybody, and not just a handful of very wealthy people.
When the people stand together against the Koch Brothers and the billionaire class, we can win.
In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders

Waste of time to complete the immigration card

My friend from Malaysia told me that it is a big hassle to complete the immigration card when he enters Singapore. Why can't Singapore remove this card to follow what was done by Malaysia and Indonesia? He felt that the immigration card is unnecessary as the essential information could be obtained by scanning the passport.

I agree with him. The Straits Times had published my letter on this matter before, but the Home Affairs Minister then was asleep. Perhaps the new minister will do something?

The appeal of Bernie Sander's messages

For a few decades, Americans were told that America is the land of opportunity, a country where they can pursue the American dream. They were told that socialism is bad for the pursuit of the American dream.

Many people believed this ideology.

They did not realize that they were working long hours for lower wages, and have to do two or three jobs just to meet ends meet. Jobs became more and more difficult to find, as they moved to low cost countries.

They still believed that one day they could be a billionaire, like a few who have made it.

Bernie Sanders campaign told them the truth, that they were working long hours just to get by and the nearly all of the new wealth went to the billionaires. He said that young people should not be punished by pursuing a college education, and start work with a large debt that they have to spend 20 years or more to pay back. He also said that jobs had to be created to allow youths to be employed.

Young people agree with the message from Bernie Sanders and support him in great numbers. More than 80% for for Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton. They turned out in large numbers of vote. They were energized and got other people to vote for Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders also said that health care should be a right for every citizen, and not a privilege. His universal health care plan provide that right and even save a few thousand dollars for working class families. For Americans who fear the high cost of health care, this is a message that touches their heart. They turned out in large numbers to support Bernie Sanders.

As Bernie Sander's message gets more known among the voters, thousands are coming forward to vote for him and to join his "revolution.

The momentum is with Bernie Sanders. The excitement is with Bernie Sanders. There is no turning back.

American will change and be more progressive. That is the code word for the brand of democratic socialism that is quite common in Europe. It will lead to a better world, a fairer world and a more peaceful world.

Many countries that had followed the American economic model, including Singapore, will have to change their model as well.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Bernie Sanders has a good chance to beat HillaryClinton

I expect Bernie Sanders to do well in the remaining states that will hold their primary election for the Democratic Nomination.

Here are my reasons.

a) His message is now getting to be known by the voters and the response has been resoundingly in his favor. This is shown by the results for Alaska, Washington and Hawaii.

b)  He will do better with the minorities. This is shown by the results in Michigan (non-white 20%) and Hawaii (non-white 75%).

c) His relatively poor showing in Florida and Ohio could be due to the Spring Break, where most of the young voters (who are strongly in support of Bernie Sanders) were on holiday

He still remain relatively weak among the African American community, but I expect that this will change as more people get to know his campaign messages and as time goes on.

All the best for Bernie Sanders. There is a chance that he can overtake Hillary Clinton in the delegate count, if the momentum continues.

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Elections should be conducted through the Internet

Elections should be conducted through the Internet. There are risks but they can be overcomed through proper security measures. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

The current manual system adopted in nearly all countries also have its risks of manipulation and fraud. In fact, the risks are far higher and are more difficult to handle.

Here is a way to conduct elections through the Internet, including some measures to be taken to prevent abuse.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The cost of war

The Cost of War - an emotional message from the Congress Woman from Aloha. And Bernie Sanders won BIG in Hawaii.

Landslide victories in Alaska, Washington and Hawaii

Together with a few million people, I get a message, sometimes two messages, from Bernie Sanders every day. Here is the message to tell about the landslide victories in three primary states - Alaska, Washington and Hawaii.

Sisters and Brothers -
We are on a path towards victory, and we took three more steps down that pathlast night with three YUGE wins in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington.
We won each of those states with more than 68 percent of the vote, same as we did last week in Idaho, Utah, and Democrats Abroad. We are significantly shrinking Hillary Clinton's lead, and we're going to keep it up.
You are the momentum for our campaign. When you vote, caucus, volunteer, or make a contribution, you are building our momentum. Every ballot, every phone call or door knocked, and every dollar moves us forward.
We are only doing so well because millions of people want us to do well. No billionaires, no super PACs. Just you, and the rest of our political revolution.
When working people and young people, when people who have given up on the political process get involved, that's how we win. They demand a government that represents them and not the 1 percent of our country. And if enough of us come together, they'll get it.
Right now we have the momentum. Momentum is having 14,000 people out in a rally in Salt Lake City about a week ago and 15,000 in Seattle on Mondaynight.
Momentum is in election after election, winning an overwhelming percentage of young people who are participating in the democratic process.
Momentum is having rallies and town meetings that have brought out more than one million people over the course of this campaign.
What we are seeing is that the people of this country want to make it a better country. They are prepared to stand up and fight and take on the major crises that we face. They want an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors. They want the United States of America to join every other major country and guarantee health care to all people as a right.
Conservative, progressive, Republican, or Democrat — they are all embarrassed by a corrupt campaign finance system that allows billionaires to buy elections.
And so they are fighting back, with almost 6 million contributions from nearly 2 million people, at an average of about $27 apiece.
I'm glad you are a part of this with me. Thank you.
In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders

Voting in the US election

The Democratic primary election in Arizona was a disaster. Some voters had to wait in line for 5 hours before they are allowed to vote. Many gave up due to the long queue. There were also disputes regarding who were eligible to vote. On the other hand, many people were allowed to vote early by sending in postal votes.

These situations raise some interesting questions:

a) How do the election commission check on the authenticity of the postal votes?
b) Was it possible for another person to steal the voting paper and submit an unauthorized vote?
c) How do the election commission check that the same voter did not submit more than one vote by using duplicate ballot papers?
d) For people who vote in person, there has to be a way to verify who is eligible to vote and that this person did not vote many times?

The big question is - why does the election commission not move to the world of the Internet? This is how the election process can be managed.

1) All eligible voters are registered in a big database with their social security ID and the electoral district that they belong to.
2) They are given a unique password.
3) They sign in with their social security ID and password and submit their vote. They are allowed to vote at any time within the election period. It could be over several days.
4) Those who forget their password can visit any election center with their identification. The voting official can verify their identity and issue them with replacement passwords that they can use to vote.
5) If any person found that another person has stolen his identity and submitted a vote, the earlier vote can be deleted and a new vote entered.
6) The system can have safeguards to prevent unauthorized changes to the votes in the database.

With such a system in place, it is possible to count the votes quite quickly. It is also possible to have votes for many positions on the general election day, e.g. to vote for the President, members of Congress, state governors, members of state congress etc. The counting will be accurate and fast.

My question - why was the election commission not using the Internet system?

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