Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Mis-selling of ILAS (similar to ILP) in Hong Kong

LAS in Hong Kong is the same as ILP in Sigapore. The consumers in Hong Kong are angry that these products are being mis-sold to them.

Improve your recruitment

This website helps the recruiting manager to reduce the time taken to recruit the right people.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Driving Holiday in Malaysia

Driving Holiday in Malaysia
Singapore is a small island and does not provide the space for motorists to enjoy the experience of driving a long distance. 

Malaysia has the space but many Singaporeans are reluctant to drive there, as they are not familiar with the roads and worry about their safety.

A good solution is to join a group driving tour, or motor rally, conducted by an experienced organizer.  Here are two events that may interest you.

Day tour to Johore on Saturday 6 July

Free talk/workshop on Driving Holidays on 25 July and 3 August

egister early to reserve your place.

Tan Kin Lian

Magic Box

Motivate your child to study and behave well, with the Magic Box. And have fun with your child. Watch them get excited when they earn a star and a reward and put into their magic box.

Dollar and Sense website

Dear Mr Tan
A quick introduction. I am Timothy, one of the co-founders of, a Singapore-focused financial literacy website that aims to be the destination for timely and relevant information on personal finance matters, written especially with the Singaporean readers in mind. may not be entirely new to you. Back in February, you linked one of our article (which was also published on TRE)onto your blog -

The purpose of our email today is to share with you on more such articles that we have written since - that we believe you might be interested in. If you like, you could feature them on your blog & even provide your insight and/or comments to the articles. We believe that your readers will find them an interesting and relevant read.


Having been reading your blog since 2008, I believe that we both share a common objective of wanting the general public to be well informed to make the right financial decisions in life. Please feel free to include our website address as part of your "blog partner list". If there are any ways that you feel we could work together, please let us know and we will be glad to discuss on it. 

Please Note: All of the articles that are featured on our websites are written by our own team of writers. Our motivation for doing this is because we believe the awareness level of Singaporean when it comes to financial matters is inadequate. We hope through this site, readers will better appreciate the importance of financial literacy and have a platform to learn more. We are not  "hidden insurance agents" who have sales pitches in mind for our readers :) 

Wishing you a good week ahead! 

Best Regards,
Timothy Ho

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