Friday, September 02, 2022

China's infrastructure projects

The western media smears China on its infrastructure projects

WOTC - Russia's military action in Ukraine

 Wisdom of the Crowd: 77.8% of the respondents support Russia's military action in Ukraine. (Shhh, the sample is very small).

Use of payment cards

 I share my opinion about the use of stored value cards for small payments.

TKL's views about cryptocurrencies

 Here are my views about MAS's attempt to promote cryptocurrency hubs in Singapore. Several platforms have got into financial difficulty.

TKL's view about blockchain

 I now share my insignificant view about blockchain technology. I do not like it. I think it is not useful.

My views about crypto currency


Here are my views about cryptocurrencies

WOTC - Handle covid pandemic

 Wisdom of the Crowd: 100% of the respondents said that the ministerial committee handled the covid pandemic poorly.

Thursday, September 01, 2022

Wisdom of the Crowd - New Issues

1. Will there be a large stockmarket crash soon?
2. Is it safe to relax the covid measures?

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WOTC - Employ health assistants

 Wisdom of the Crowd: 95% of the respondents said that it is better to employ health assistants to reduce the work load and stress faced by qualified nurses, instead of raising the salaries of nurses.

WOTC - Help retirees without adequate savings

 Wisdom of the Crowd: What is the best way to help retirees who do not have adequate savings for retirement? 81% of the respondents said that they should be given part time work that are not strenuous and pays $12 an hour.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Wisdom of the Crowd - New Issues

1. What role will George Yeo play in the future?
2. How will the PAP perform in the next general election?

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