Friday, July 15, 2005

Boot licker?

Someone posted a positive comment about me, but preferred to remain anonymous. He was afraid of being accused of boot licking.

I have a way to overcome this fear.

I like to find positive things to say about other people. I am just being decent and encouraging. I am not boot licking.

We need to promote a climate of positiveness. We have to find positive things to say about other people. We have to create an optimistic climate.

I encourate other people to think positive, and be positive.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ideal plan - best plan for an uncertain world

I wish to recommend the Ideal plan from NTUC Income as the best plan for an uncertain world.

It allows you to make regular savings when you are employed. You can top up with adhoc savings, out of your annual bonus or occasional income.

If you have a cash flow problem, you can stop your savings for a short period. There is no penalty.

Your savings can be invested in the Combined Fund from NTUC Income. It is a large, well diversified fund, have $3,500 million of assets, and is managed by 9 top fund managers.

I expect the fund to earn an average of 6% per annum over 10 years or longer, but this is not guaranteed. As it is a large and well diversified fund, the risk is reduced. A few bad investments will not affect the long term return of the fund.

Here are two additional advantage:

- you can buy insurance protection in a separate policy and pay a separate premium
- 100% of your savings is invested from the first month
- our charges are probably the lowest

To know more about this plan, you should attend our educational seminar that is held every two weeks. Call 6788 6636. Website:

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

How much does the CEO of NTUC Income earns?

Someone posted in my blog - how much does the CEO of NTUC Income earns. He wants to know about this information, following the media report on the court case by the CEO of the National Kidney Foundation.

I will give a reply on my salary at a suitable forum in the future. Maybe, this can be a question to be raised at the annual general meeting of NTUC Income. The chairman of my board of directors can address it.

I will give a hint. I earn less than 50% of CEOs of large listed companies that are reported regularly in the newspapers.

I wish to state the following:

- I fly by economy class, including long distance travel
- I drive a 8 year old Mercedes E200 and will keep it for a few more years.

I am quite frugal in spending money for NTUC Income, including paying for computer systems and management consultants. This helps us to keep our expense ratio low, and reduce the premium rates payable by our policyholders.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Yob Culture in the UK

I read that some teanagers in the UK behaved badly. It is called yob culture. "yob" is the opposite of "boy" and refers to a hooligan.

The source of this problem appears to be single parents and lack of parental supervision. The correct values are not taught to the children.

Tony Blair, prime minister of the UK, is worried about the culture of "lack of respect" and "freedom without responsibility". He is trying to promote the value of respect.

The problem is so bad, that they have to pass a law on "anti-social behaviour". I am worried that some of these behaviour are happening in Singapore.

What does a CEO do?

A CEO is:

Chief Executive Officer - everybody knows that.

However, I have to play the following additional roles:

Chief Explanation Officer - when I write in my blog or send my reply to letters in the newspaper.

Chief Excuse Officer - when I have to explain mistakes made by my colleagues, and pacify my customers

Chief Education Officer - when I conduct public seminars on insurance matters.

and finally

Chief Entertainment Officer - when I have to boost the morale of my colleagues, in facing competition and demanding customers.

It is FUN.

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