Friday, January 15, 2016

Long working hours in Singapore

Mr Tan,

Recently, I've been reading up many news reports about Singaporeans being unhappy with the work-life balance in our country.

Some are some examples:




It is especially sad that while our government wants our young professionals to start their own families to improve the country's fertility rates (, they are doing almost nothing to address the long working hours which can affect the social life of our people.

Nurturing a child can be challenging especially when both parents have to work equally hard to pay for expenses such as their HDB flat, the cheapest of which can be up a few hundred thousand dollars.

Singaporeans are generally known to work more than 40 hours per week, and yet are reportedly one of the least productive in the world.

The long working hours neither help in our economy, nor do they help in improving our lives. Surely it is time we re-examine this system of ours?

A Young Singaporean Adult

Most countries address this issue by setting out labor standards, e.g. maximum work week, overtime pay, minimum wages and giving better protection for workers. Singapore is lacking in these areas.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Is CPF adequate for retirement?

A retired banker said that the recent CPF changes do not go far enough to address retirement needs.

I agree with this view. However, the gap should be covered by personal savings, rather than by adding more contribution to the CPF scheme.

Here is how it can be done.

The government set out the special account to make sure that about 15% of the wages are set aside for retirement. This provides a floor. It should be supplemented by an additional saving of 15% of wages outside of CPF. The additional savings can be used for emergencies, education and unemployment.

This is explained in my book on financial planning (,

It is also explained in my talk which will be held on 9 April.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Best O Level Results

The Ministry of Education had taken an important step of not naming the top students in the recent O level examinations.

I agree with this move. But will they take the next step to stop giving overseas scholarships to the top students? The money spend on these scholarships could be used to provide better financial support for needy students. 

I prefer that the schools prepare a large number of students to be educated in a broader sense, rather than focus mainly on academic results. The future leaders can come out to the working world and develop their skills and knowledge in the real world environment. Let the true talents come out in this way.

We have many examples of the most talented people who did not have a university degree but have became successful entrepreneurs. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Rent an office desk to start a business

If you wish to start your own business and is not able to work from home, you can rent an office desk.

How to prepare soursop leaf tea

David Soh has been trying the soursop tea leaf tea on his family members and friends for the past two years. He advised that the tea should be taken 1/2 hour before each meal. This allows the cancer cells to feed on the soursop leaf tea. He has seen good results, but is not able to give you any "scientific proof". But the lab readings have been positive.

This is how the soursop leaf has to be prepared.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Condo software is being developed

Dear Mr. Tan
I am in the management council of a condo. Will you be able to demonstrate your condo software to the council?

The software is now being developed and tested. You can view the features of the software from this PDF

It will be available for demo at end January.

A nuclear war

If you are the leader of a major power with nuclear weapons and you are drawn into a major conflict with another nuclear power, here are some questions that you have to answer:

a) Will you avoid using nuclear weapons as the other power will retaliate with nuclear weapons?

b) When you resort to nuclear weapons if you are losing the war with conventional weapons?

c) If you are winning the war, will you avoid pushing the other party to the brink, as they might use nuclear weapon as a last resort?

d) If you are confident that you have a defense against their nuclear weapons, will you use your nuclear weapon to wipe out the other side, knowing the heavy cost in human casualties?

These are difficult issues that have to be faced by the president of the nuclear power. In a war, events happen suddenly and quickly. It is easy to make a major mistake.

100% of the people who voted is against using the name of Eunoia for the new junior college in Sin Ming.
You can list a shop for rental in this website

Lessons from World War Two

World War Two ended in 1945. The total casualties in that was was 60 million people. 40% are combatants and 60% are civilians.

The world has avoided a large scale world war for 70 years. There were a few major wars, such as the Korean War, Vietnam War and the Gulf War but nowhere near the scale of World War Two. There were also several civil wars in Africa, Middle East and in Bosnia.

The Cold War between USA and USSR ended in 1991.

Some people regard the events in 2015 with alarm, especially the war against ISIS and the large powers, such as Russia and USA, taking different sides. Will this escalate to a large scale war? Most people think that it would be averted, but accidents can happen.

Many videos on YouTube are giving alarming messages.

The lessons of World War One did not prevent the happening of World War Two. Will the lessons of World World Two be forgotten after 70 years?

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