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The Presidency - better the devil you know

Beliefs and principles

Dear Tan K L, 

You are the right man to run for President. My family will vote for you.

Once I had an email exchange with you when you were CEO Income. Though we could not agree, you have gained my respect. You stood by your beliefs and principles and did what you thought was for the overall good of the motor insurance industry. You also took the trouble to personally handle your email with your customers. That clearly shows your concern for your customers, whether they agree with you or not. 

I believe you have an independent mind and clearly wants to do what is truly good for the people of Singapore. We need more independent minded, able and honest people like you to stand up for the people of Singapore. Institutions like the Presidency can only work well if they are helmed by good people. 

It is time to show PAPhile 
Singaporeans that the incumbent ruling party does not have a monopoly of good people. If anything, GE2011 shows that they are already scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Clement Song

PAP getting a fit

Be our People's President

Dear Mr Tan
I am deeply delighted and pleased to read about your consideration to stand as a candidate in the coming Presidential Election.
Singapore needs a People's President, a President who is not only well-loved by fellow Singaporeans but one who will be a strong advocate of Singaporeans and champion their rights and interests.The results of the General Election have shown that Singaporeans are generally not satisfied with life as it is now in Singapore. We need a President who will be able to feel for the common men and women on the streets and act on their behalf.
In the last few years, Singaporeans have seen how you are a strong advocate for Singaporeans, e.g in the advocating of the rights of ex mini-bond investors and most importantly you have been giving invaluable advice to Singaporeans on various arenas of life in your blog and website.
My friends, colleagues and I really hope you can contest in the coming Presidential Election and win the election to be Singapore People's President!
Thank You.
Best Regards,
Singapore Short Stories

Letter of appreciation

Hi Mr Tan,

This email is not meant to influence your decision whether or not to run for the presidential election. It will be selfish of strangers to ask you to stick out your neck so that our reserves can be safe-guarded by a man who can be trusted to do the right thing without fear and prejudice. I think your family members are the best people to do so because they will be the ones who will be directly affected by your decision.

However, I want to let you know that you have my vote if you stand for Presidency. I will also persuade my wife to vote for you as the President.

The reasons for my supporting you is clear from the letter of appreciation that I wrote to you one year ago.


Blog: Why Tan Kin Lian must run for President

Hi Mr Tan
I did the following blog posting. Just another small voice urging you to run.
If you run, I believe that you will have a very high chance of winning. 
Best Rgds

TKL speech at the NSP rallies

Facebook Page - Tan Kin Lian for President

Kenneth Sandeep Satyamurty

Dear Mr Tan,

I'm the guy that set up the Facebook Page, Tan Kin Lian for President:

Many of your supporters want you to stand. You are the only one we can count on to be truly independent in the position of Elected President. Don't disappoint us!

If there are any links you want me to send through the page, let me know.


MESSAGE FROM TAN KIN LIAN: Please go to the Facebook page and view the postings of materials relevant to my participation in the Presidential Election.

Speeches at General Election rallies

A journalist asked why I agreed to speak at the general election rallies for the NSP and the SDP and not for the WP and PAP.

The answer is simple - Goh Meng Seng (NSP) and the SDP organiser asked me to speak and I accepted. The WP and the PAP did not ask me.

Each party and each person has positive points, including the PAP. If I am invited, I will highlight their positive points and be honest about it.

I am not affiliated to any political party now (having resigned from the PAP in 2008) and have friends in all the political parties, including the PAP.

I believe that it is more important to identify the values that should guide us personally and to be shared in our society. I believe in the values of honesty, fairness, positiveness, courage and public service as explained here.

It is the values that people should focus on and not the party that they are affiliated to. I hope that my supporters understand and support me for the values that I represent. Please share your views in this blog.

Tan Kin Lian

An imperfect President

Read this observation by Dharmendra. They describe my character, values and shortfalls quite fairly - although Dharmendra puts them in a positive light as a friend.

TKL running for Presidency

Report by CNA

Report by Razor TV

Follow your heart

Dear Mr Tan,

I read your post today. And I think you should run for the Presidency. Singapore deserves an alternative voice.

I have been following your blog regularly and I think you will serve Singapore as a respectable and non partisan President. This is what Singapore needs.

However, please follow your heart. Whatever your choice is, I believe Singaporeans will fully support it.

Seng Ti

Principles of fairness and cost control

Hi Kin Lian,
I just read about your statement on standing for Presidency. I do sincerely hope that you will stand for Presidency. I like the principles (of fairness and cost control) you adopted when you were the CEO of NTUC Income. As a result, many policy holders (myself included) have benefited. As a President, a lot more S’poreans would be able to benefit from your work. You would be able to complete what the late Ong Teng Cheong started (and prevented from accomplishing) and go beyond.
I believe PAP has learnt their lessons from GE 2011, when all their smear tactics backfired, badly. Therefore, I hope your wife will support your contest for Presidency. Looking forward to that!!


Good advisory team

Hi Mr Tan,

It's great to know that you are considering to run for the Elected President. Despite your doubts, I feel that Singaporeans need to have a counter-balance to the current government. I personally feel that the status quo is too pro-government at the moment. I think you can assemble a good advisory team and will make a great president.


Spoke at NSP Rally

Mr. Tan,
NSP had won my vote because of your endorsement for the party. Should you decide to contest for the Presidential election - you have my vote.

Good moral people

Dear Mr. Tan,

I would like to urge you to stand for Elected President for a simple reason that in today's Singapore, we really need good, moral people at leadership positions.

The immorality (Guru Dick in my book) is really spreading far and wide into our Society. I mean they are everywhere. So, who can stop the menace and reverse the trend?

For the sake of millions of Singaporeans, come out and show them that there are good, moral Singaporeans around. I'll support you in whatever way I can.

Tommy Wong
Author - Wisdom on How to Live Life

Promoting the values

Dear Mr Tan Kin Lian
Thank you for promoting the values of honesty, fairness, courage, positive attitude and public service and Improve the transparency of the reserves

Many of us trust that you can win the 2011 PE
My family and I and friends (est total shd be at least 300) will vote you :)
I promise you from now onwards i will promote your values :)
Michelle Ang and friends

What "Tan Kin Lian for President" means

Here is a view from a former colleague.

Previous article, 18 October 2008

Previous article, 23 September 2006

Friday, June 03, 2011

Website - TKL for Elected President

I wish to thank well wishes for your e-mails and Facebook entries expressing support for the possibility of my standing for Presidential Election.

I wish to invite you to go to this website (still under development) for the following:

a) Click on "Register" and give your particulars, if you are willing to help me in the campaign or in any capacity (indicate in the notes).

b) Click on "Opinion" (to be changed to "Endorsement" later), if you wish to say a few words to endorse my candidature. I will post them in my website.

Tan Kin Lian

Character and values

I believe in the values of honesty, fairness, courage, positive attitude and public service. It is explained in this paper which I teach my students in Singapore Management University.

Certificate of Eligibility for Presidential Election

My friend collected the Certificate of Eligibility form for the EP election on my behalf today. I have still not decided to stand for election, as my wife has reservation about my participation. 

Read this statement.

Png Eng Huat collect the forms

For the betterment of mankind

Listen to John Lennon’s song “Imagine” and read Tommy Wong’s books “Wisdom on How to Live Life”, you will find that amazingly both deliver the same messages for the betterment of mankind.
Tommy Wong’s books can be ordered here.

Pay and Pay

Read this article by Dr. Wong Wee Nam.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Advertisements in Business Mail

Click here for a list of these advertisements. Read only those that interest you and skip the others.

Consultations with Dr. Tommy Wong

Dr. Tommy Wong offers consultations on personal growth and happiness, based on the concepts in his book, "Wisdom on how to live life".

Singapore has highest concentration of millionaires

Singapore has the highest concentrations of millionaires, amounting to 15.5% of the population, followed by Switzerland and Qatar. Is this due to high property prices? Read this article.

Key financial figures of REITS

Many REITS (real estate investment trusts) give a dividend yield of more than 5%. The rentals are likely to increase over the long term. Even if the rentals drop due to a bad economic situation, the yield will adjust downwards, but will still remain attractive.

I have posted the key financial  figures for some REITS, as provided by a stock broker, in the FISCA website ( They are available for members only.  Please note that this is just a brief summary - you have to get more details from your stock broker before you decide to buy them.

Tan Kin Lian

Asking for Advice

You have to present the full facts before you ask someone (like me) for advice or assistance. Read this article.

Non-disclosure agreement

Some consumers have a dispute with a financial institution. After lodging the complaint, they are asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The consumer does not know what to do, or how to seek advice, as they are afraid to disclose the details of the negotiation to a friend for friendly advice.

When the consumer brings the case to FIDREC, they are also asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The consumer faces the same difficulty.

I have written a paper on this matter to guide consumers to how to get advice, after they have signed this agreement. This paper is available to FISCA members only, in the FISCA website (

Tan Kin Lian

Shape Quiz competiton - TKL office

You can organise a shape quiz competition.  The shape quiz book and minipak can be ordered here. The handling charge of $3 is waived during the promotion period. (You can also see a view of my office in the video).

The shape quiz is good for children, adults and seniors. It helps to train their mind in creativity and also to keep the mind alert. The book book comes with the puzzle and the solution.  You can also buy the tangram book.

Encouraging developments in Singapore

When PM Lee made the sweeping changes in the cabinet, I shared the views of many other people that the new ministers may not be able to handle the issues that they have to take charge of.

So far, the developments have been encouraging:
  • The minister for national development has decided to build 25,000 new flats and over 10,000 rental flats quickly
  • The minister for transport is seen taking buses.
  • Many ministers are more proactive in getting feedback from the public and responding to them in a positive way.
We may be seeing a new style of governance and political climate in Singapore.

Tan Kin Lian

Interesting places around the world

Watch the power points and images in this website, contributed by Mike Hansford. Mike used to travel around the world when he worked for a reinsurance intermediary. He receives these power points from friends and wishes to share them with other friends.

Village in Holland - Giethoorn

Mike Hansford sent me this powerpoint about a picturesque village in Holland. Enjoy it.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Improve transport in Singapore

Some suggestions for the new Transport Minister

A better transport system

Develop local transport

How to achieve more than 100%

Here are some tips.

Home Report from Street Sine

Before you buy, sell or rent a property, get a home report from Street Sine. See here.

Russian Matryoshka


Order here

Sample property report - useful for owners

Here is a sample property report available from StreetSine for $39. It is useful for a owner who has to decide on the selling or rental price for a private property. See TKL website or Business Mail (advertisements)

Advertise your product in Business Mail

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Survey results - contest for elected president

100 people responded to this survey. 65% felt that it is better for more than 1 non-PAP candidates to contest the election. See TKL website

Keeping HDB flats affordable

The new minister for national development, Khaw Boon Wan, is taking the problem of rising HDB prices in earnest. He is building 25,000 new flats andmore than 10,000 rental flats. The strategy to increase supply rapidly, to meet demand, is likely to work to contain prices. If he sells the HDB flats at cost of land and construction, it will help to mitigate the price increase.

I hope that the minister will build more rental flats, which do not need to be subsidised. Give people a choice to rent a flat, rather than to own a flat. It will encourage them to live near their place of work (i.e. easier to move when one rents a flat, rather than own a flat). See my article.

Contribution to Yahoo Finance, May 2011

I contributed 4 articles to Yahoo Finance website in May 2011. These articles are now available for viewing by members of FISCA ( after login.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

FISCA - Perennial China Retail Trust

FISCA has prepared the salient points of this investment. It is available to members on login. Go to

Presidential election - Candidate endorsed by PAP

Who do you think is the candidate that will be endorsed by the PAP? Give your views in this survey.

Affordable HDB flats

Suggestion by Pang

Dear Mr. Tan
We could improve the affordability of owning a HDB flat without crashing the prices of existing HDB flats by:
1)      With immediate effect, cut the prices for all new HDB flats by 5% and:
rebate 4% to those who had purchased their flats within 1 year
rebate 3% to those who had purchased their flats within 2 years
rebate 2% to those who had purchased their flats within 3 years
rebate 1% to those who had purchased their flats within 4 years
2)      for the next 5 years (2011 to 2016)
peg the increase of prices for new HDB flats at 3% lower than the increase of the national median income.
For example : if the increase of median income is 5% for that year then the increase of prices for new HDB flats should be 2% for that year. If the increase of national median income is 2% for that year then the prices for new HDB flats should be decreased by 1% for that year.

With 1) & 2), we can achieve the effect of a 20% “reduction” to the prices for new HDB flats within 5 years without crashing the prices for existing HDB flats.   
For the longer term, the increase in prices for the new HBD flats should be pegged to the increase in national median income. 

Safeguard the reserves

Hi Mr Tan
You probably aware that the presidential election is coming soon.As the qualification criteria are so strigent, not many could fulfill. I am convinced that  you are are suitable candidate who could meet all the criteria.
You have championed a lot of causes and spoke up for the depositors who were misled, to a certain extent in the DBS mini bond saga.
We need a capable President who could hold the other key to the national reserve. He could perform a proper check and balance The late Mr Ong Teng Cheong spoke up a lot on the national reserves.He might not have a very good ending but had championed a cause and won the respect of Singaporeans.  Presently as tax payers,we do not know how much are our reserves in GIC & CPF Board and how they are being invested.
I strongly encourage you to stand for this election. I dont think there are many candidates eligible to participate this round. We should not waste another 7 years  for the next round of election.   
Richard Wong  

I will decide in a few days' time

Salary of elected president

Kit Whye Chan10:33pm May 28

Can I tell you a story about golf for those who never play golf. When a tournament indicates a very huge prize money for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner based on stroke play, this tournament usually attract a lot of "crocodile" players to the tournament. These "crocodile "players have very low handicap, yet they under-declared their handicap to be way above their actual. Some even give it to the maximum of 24. Why? Because they are more interested in winning the prize money and by declaring a high handicapper, they stand a very good chance of beating the normal players and winning the prize money. However, if the prize money is not significant, these "crocodile" players will appear at the tournament. 
Taking this analogy to the Presidential election, I am not sure whether a person is willing to stand for the Presidential election if there is a big drop in the President salary, say to $300K per year instead of $3 million a year. I hope those who want to be a President is not attracted by the current compensation, but really to sacrifice himself for doing a service to Singapore, protect its reserves and voice out opinions that are for the good of the country.

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