Thursday, February 25, 2016

Many cities stay away from ERP because it brings more bad than good

Some people are proud that Singapore is taking a lead in implementing ERP for the world to follow.
That is not the case. Most cities found it to be a bad idea after balancing the pros and cons.

Many recent road pricing schemes have proved controversial, with a number of high-profile schemes in the US and the UK being cancelled, delayed or scaled back in response to opposition and protest. Critics maintain that congestion pricing is not equitable, places an economic burden on neighboring communities, has a negative effect on retail businesses and on economic activity in general, and is just another tax.

A 2006 survey of economic literature on the subject, however, finds that most economists agree that some form of road pricing to reduce congestion is economically viable, although there is disagreement on what form road pricing should take. Economists disagree over how to set tolls, how to cover common costs, what to do with any excess revenues, whether and how “losers” from tolling previously free roads should be compensated, and whether to privatize highways.

Bank charges a cable charge of $20 for overseas payment

I wish to make a payment to a bank account in India. DBS Bank said that I have to pay a commission of 1/8% (which is fair) and a cable charge of $20.

I asked - why the cable charge? We are in the world of the Internet now. Is this outdated? Or is the bank just wanted to make extra fee? Is this too much?
I know that most banks probably have a similar charge. I think it is unfair to consumers.

This portal is now operational. Listing is free. It is suitable for owners who wish to look for tenants. Can be used for renting of apartments, rooms, houses, offices, shops, etc. Agents can also post on behalf of owners.
I have just received an inquiry from a prominent tenant. Hahaha.

Here are some listings:


HDB flat

Serviced apartment



Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Polling for Democratic Presidential Nomination

Hillary Clinton is still ahead in the national polling, but Bernie Sanders is catching up fast. The gap has now reduced to only 5%.

A few months ago, the gap was 25%. Bernie Sanders managed to close the gap in an impressive way.

Singapore needs a stimulus package to tide over the difficult times ahead

The Singapore economy will go through a very difficult time. It could be worse than 2008.

During the global financial crisis in 2008, the world was saved by the quantitative easing introduced by the Fed in America. But it did not solved the underlying problem. It only postponed the problem to a later date.

This time round, the Fed could not save the problem with quantitative easing.

The Singapore economy will be badly affected by events around the major economies and by events in Singapore.

What can be done to save jobs and incomes in Singapore. We need a stimulus package - Singapore style. What type of package?

Kenneth Jeyaretnam has some ideas. Read what he has been saying in his website.…/plunging-exports-will-result-in-ma…/

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ridiculous protocol followed by Sing Tel call center

I called SingTel hotline to check if a SIM card that they gave to me 2 years ago is still active.
I had to go through their call center maze and press all kinds of buttons to reach a person.

That is just the first part of a stressful experience. More to come.

TKL - I want to check if this mobile number is still active.
The call center staff asked for my company registration number, address, how we pay the bill, etc.
TKL - I only wanted to check if this number is active. Do you really need to provide so many layers of verification?
Staff - Sorry sir. This is our protocol.

I lost my temper. I told the staff to send the telephone conversation to the service quality manager to change their "stupid" protocol.

Earlier, my staff could not go through their protocol, so I had to take over.

The person who wrote Sing Tel's protocol is an idiot. And that idiotic protocol is being practiced day in and day out for many years.

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