Saturday, August 27, 2005

Talk on Investment at Marine Parade Community Club

I gave an educational talk on investment at Marine Parade Community Club on Saturday 27 August. It was well attended with 200 participants. The Q&A session was very lively and interesting.

The audience found the talk to be useful. They also enjoy a bonus of 2% (ie $2,000 for an investment of $100,000) when they invest within 14 days.

We hold a seminar every week, either at NTUC Income Center (Bras Basah Road) or at a community club. Go to to find out about these seminars. Or call 6788 1111 to find out details of the next talk.

Lowest interest rate for policy loan

An AIA policyholder (Ms Bollard) wrote to the Straits Times to complain that AIA charge 8% for their policy loan.

Other insurers charge from 5.5% to 7%.

There is only one insurer that charge 5.5% for the policy loan, ie NTUC Income. The other insurers charge 6% to 7%.

Singapore is too hot?

Singapore is a nice place to live. It is safe, clean and pleasant.

It has a major drawback. It is too hot.

Long ago, we can enjoy the breeze, which makes life more comfortable. But, the breeze has gone. It is blocked by the buildings. The air conditioning from the houses also blow hot air outside.

I am looking for a way to create breeze. If we can have more breeze, it will be more pleasant.

We are now able to create drinking water using science, and be economical. Maybe, we can use our technology to create breeze?

When will the 10% discount on motor insurance cease?

Someone asked me, "When will the 10% discount on motor insurance cease? His car insurance will expire in a few months time. Will the discount be available on his expiry date?"

My reply, "If you wish to enjoy the 10% discount, you can call our hotline now and register. We will keep the discount for your next renewal. If you do not register now, you will not enjoy the 10% discount when the offer ceases in 1 or 2 months' time. "

So, act now. Register first. You can decide at the expiry date, if you wish to take up the offer.

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