Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to use the IRR function

 you have a complicated stream of cash flows under a life insurance policy, you can use the IRR function to calculate the yield, as explained here:

Internet banking is difficult with DBS Bank

If I use the standard of the internet banking system of DBS Bank as a gauge, I have to declare that the level of efficiency in Singapore is deplorable. It is so wasteful and inefficient. That is why Singapore has become so costly, and has achieved the distinction of being the most costly city in the world. 
Somehow, the impractical approach adopted by our regulars and businesses towards managing business risks has added layer of costs and waste to the economy. 
It can be so costly so to handle simple business transactions and to make payments.

Here is my painful experience. I spent one hour to make payroll for four employees through Internet Banking for DBS Bank today. 
As there were two new employees, I have to register them as "a new beneficiary". After registration, I could not find these beneficiaries. 
I called their hotline, listen to all kinds of irrelevant messages and spoke to their help staff. 
She asked me to click a few buttons, but none worked. She had to go and check their back end system and call me back.
My admin staff was at my side to double check that the entries were made correctly. She wasted one hour as well.
I may have to revert to paying by cheques.
This is the level of inefficiency that I have to encounter each month. My feedback to DBS Bank over the past year went through deaf ears. They don't care.
I could not move to another bank as they do not have a branch nearby.

Coal mining venture - is this a scam?

Is this investment a scam?

If you offer you a guaranteed interest rate and a buyback option, do you find it to be more acceptable?

Create a pseudo rural sector to raise the reproduction rate

In most countries, the marriage and child birth rate in the cities is low. This is due to the high cost and stress of city life. These countries have a rural sector where the cost of living is low and where most people married at a young age and raise many children.

These countries with a rural sector have an overall fertility rate that is higher than countries with a high urban population.

If Singapore wishes to increase our reproduction rate, we need to build a "rural sector" where some families can afford to marry at a younger age and raise a family. But it is not possible to have a real rural sector in Singapore due to our small land area and the high cost of housing.

We can create a pseudo rural sector which allows some families to marry at a younger age and raise a family.

 How can this be done?

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