Monday, April 01, 2013

Democracy and efficiency

Lee Cheok Yew said:
Democracy takes a bit more time to get us to the right place, autocracy is very efficient in bringing us to the wrong place.

Banking crisis in Cyprus

This article explains the banking crisis in Cyprus and traces the root cause - insufficient regulation of the financial sector.

Instant Car Pool ready for testing

Good and bad points of National Service

Stanley Loh Chong Keng asked:

Mr Tan, about NS in Singapore. If I insist you provide one good point of NS, what will you give and why? And if I also insist on you giving a bad point of NS, what will you give also. Thanks!

Good point - as told to me by many parents. NS helps to instill the discipline in your sons. The parents cannot control them - so they are happy for the SAF to control them.

Bad points - there are several:
1. Disrupt the tertiary education
2. Place Sgns at a disadvantage compared to foreign workers
3. Delay marriage by 3 years, leading to the decline in birth rate
4. Too long, time wasted doing non-productive duties
5. Instill bad habits - smoking, switch off (but not apply to all NS men)

Singaporeans are not zenophobic

Lovecraft RavenEve said:

I am tired of people saying that singaporeans are xenophobic. Let's look at Hongkong after the 1997 handover as example.

Hongkong has merged with china for the past 16 years. both consist of ethnic Han people but relations are strained between the 2. there are frequent protests in Hongkong because of the unreasonable behaviour of the PRCs e.g. hoarding of milk, education.

what makes them think that we can integrate with the new citizens (pinoys, PRCs, indians etc) within 10 years???

Please read through the comments of Hongkongers against PRC infesting their land!!!!! they do not mince their words like singaporeans! we singaporeans have been very ke qi/ polite already!!!!!!

if what the HongKongers are doing is Xenophobic and morally wrong, why hasn't any NGOs or United Nations or Human Rights group berated them???

Lovecraft said that, compared to Hongkongers, Singaporeans are more tolerant of foreigners.

Be a policeman

Hi Mr. Tan
I am turning 17 and starting my first year in Poly soon. Will I be able to lead a comfortable life in the future with the pay of a diploma holder? 
Because of the high cost of living, I do not think it is possible for me to own a flat . 
Many people strongly emphasize on further studies to get a degree and earn a higher pay. However, I do not like studying.
I like to sign on with Singapore police force or the military directly after my studies. Many people told me I will have no future being in the uniformed service and if I would find it difficult to work outside after leaving the uniformed service. But my passion is in this field. What should I do?

I encourage yoU to follow your passion, and be a policeman or soldier. The advantage is that other people do not like the job, so you have less competition.
If you focus on the job and develop the skill, you can do well. Anyone who has special skill in a job will be appreciated. Do not worry that people are on top of you because of a paper, because when it comes to the crunch, there are many people with paper, but few will real skills.
Never be discouraged and develop a negative attitude. Always be positive, and you will do well.
Wish you all the best for the future.

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