Saturday, July 16, 2011

Walk along Railway Track

  • My supporters will be meeting me at Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre (near the intersection of Upper Bukit Timah Road and Jalan Jurong Kechil) at about 8 AM on Sunday to have breakfast together.
  • After breakfast, we will then proceed to walk along the railway line (parts near Hindhede Walk, and Upper Bukit Timah Road). 
  • Our final destination will be at the Rail Mall, estimated to reach at about 10 AM. The route is estimated to be about 2.4km long.
  • Look forward to have more people to join us.
Reminder: please wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing; bring a cap/hat/umbrella along too!

Increase in property tax

Dear Mr. Tan
Many of you have received a notice from IRAS regarding the change in the Annual Value (AV) of your property and it's safe to say that majority of you would be paying more for your property tax.
In my case, my AV has increased by 17% in less than 1 year  and I am puzzled as to how IRAS derived the number.  I did a check at the rental data for my condominium at the URA website ( and the data showed a drop of 0.7% from 3Q10 to 1Q11.
I have written to IRAS to seek an explanation as to why there was a huge difference between their assessment and that of URA.
I urge all of you to do a quick check at the abovementioned website to verify if the increase stipulated by  IRAS is in line with the actual transactions published by URA.  If URA data cannot be trusted, perhaps IRAS may want to explain to us how they derive their numbers and also their source of data.
Thian TC

Letter to the Straits Times Forum - not published

Dear Mr Tan,
I highly admire and commend your courage, friendliness, wisdom and spirit in public service to serve the people of Singapore in your best ability to contribute.

Recently, I did write a letter to the Straits Times Forum to support your decision to contest in the upcoming presidential election, unfortunately, it was not published.

I like to read whatever articles you contribute to the press, especially on social and political issues. The following are what I wrote to the ST Forum:

Dear Editor,
I REFER to the report, “Tony Tan, Tan Kin file eligibility forms” that Tan Kin Lian had submitted his application for a certificate of eligibility to run for president. (mypaper, Jul 8)

I admire and applaud Mr Tan’s courage, public service spirit and his commitment to stand for the presidential election even though he has not known the outcome of his eligibility from the Presidential Election Committee for running the presidency.

In his blog and during his 40 minute press conference yesterday, Mr Tan reiterated that he knows the aspirations and difficulties of the people, and he can be the voice of the people. He further stressed that the people of Singapore wish to see the incoming president who can be the voice of the people, to be independent of the PAP Government and to safeguard their CPF savings and the national reserves.

His five outlined personal values: honesty, fairness, positive attitude, courage and public service are his moral motto and drive towards his work commitment in his 30 NTUC Income cooperative services and his public services as the brand secretary of the PAP’s Marine Parade Branch from 1976 to 1979.

Indeed, these are the vital personal qualities and commitments for running the presidency.

Critically, all Singaporeans expect their elected president is the president of the people who knows, concerns and cares for the people.

Mr Tan had been the popular public figure to champion the voice of the victims during the Lehman Brother’s mini bond saga, and he is also the regular letter writer who contributed his alternative views, opinions and suggestion to the press pertaining to the government policies. These had clearly shown that Mr Tan is a person who walks his thought and beliefs.

Teo Kueh Liang (Mr)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tan Jee Say's participation in the Presidential Election

Here is my statement.

I like to wish Tan Jee Say all the best in getting the Certificate of Eligibility and in contesting the Presidential Election. With more candidates entering the contest, the voters of Singapore will have a wider choice of selecting the next President of Singapore. A larger pool of candidates should help to make more citizens aware of the importance of this position and educate more people on the need to make a wise 

I will not change my campaign, as set out in my campaign website:

I offer to the voters to serve the country in the following areas:
 Be a voice of the people to carry their views, concerns and aspirations to the Government. 
 Be independent of the PAP government but to work with the government to find solutions that are best for the people 
 Apply my knowledge and expertise to safeguard their CPF savings and the reserves of Singapore.

I also pledge to donate at least half of the President's salary towards charity and 
other causes. See
for more details.

I will also bring my values of honesty, fairness, positive attitude, courage and public service to the decisions that I have to make in the future, in whatever capacity that I may be in.

Tan Kin Lian

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Developments in Tunisia

Tunisia was the first country in North Africa to have massive demonstration of the people against the ruling government. This was followed by Egypt, which also saw a change in regime.

I asked my friend in Tunisa about the recent developments. He said that new laws are now being discussed and passed that will lead to free election and better governance. The corruption of the previous regime is being reduced considerably. The developments are encouraging.

Bersih movement in Malaysia

My KL friend wore a yellow tie. He said that it is the symbol of the Bersih movement. This movement is a NGO and is led by professionals, and not by the political parties. The members of the movement want to see fair elections and are quite tied of the manipulation by the ruling party. The recent demonstration was for the people to voice their unhappiness and to send a memorandum to the Agong (King) to convey the message to the government on the need to change some of the rules to give all political parties a more level playing field to contest in the coming general election.

Public transport fares

I have read the proposal by the Worker's Party for a Public Transportation Corporation. I believe that it is a good idea which should be considered. I urge Minister Lui Teck Yew to have a positive attitude and consider it more carefully, rather than dismiss it casually in a Facebook posting.

The increase of the fares may seem small to well off but has an impact on many financially strapped Singaporeans who have to take public transport. If the Public Transport Council decides to approve the increase, I would like to urge the government to help the vulnerable Singaporeans to cope with the increase in the cost of living.

Tan Kin Lian

Leadership - guided by values

I am giving this talk to the Marketing Institute of Singapore. It is open to members and the public. More details can be found here.

President Lula of Brazil

I spoke to my friend from Tunisia that I will be contesting the Presidential election in Singapore and that I come from an ordinary background. He told me that President Lula of Brazil also come from a humble background and was a trade union leader. He served two terms successfully and passed the position to his successor. I researched about President Lula and found this interesting commentary in Wikipedia.

  • Lula served 2 terms as president and left office on January 1, 2011. During his farewell speech he said he felt an additional burden to prove that he could handle the presidency despite his humble beginnings. "If I failed, it would be the workers' class which would be failing; it would be this country's poor who would be proving they did not have what it takes to rule."

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Financial Planning for Young People

I am giving a talk on Financial Planning to students in the Institute of Technical Education. The key points of the talk are:

  • Save 15% of your salary when you start work (in addition to CPF)
  • Keep your savings in a bank account (does not matter if you earn a low interest rate)
  • When you have sufficient money, invest in an ETF to get a good return over the long term
  • Avoid paying interest on loans and debts (except for housing loan)
  • When you buy a HDB flat, keep it within 5 years of income.
These points are explained in my book on Financial Planning.

TKL Campaign Website

Visit this website daily using either of these links:

Donation of the President's Salary

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SPDR Straits Times Index ETF

The Street Tracks Straits Times Index ETF has been renamed as the SPDR Straits Times Index ETF on31 March 2011. Here is the performance of the fund since its inception, measured up to 29 January 2010.

Reach out to all Singaporeans

Media interview:

I wish to reach out to all people in Singapore, regardless of the party that they supported in the general election.

My chance of winning depends on the people of Singapore.But I have receiving good feedback ..... The people who support me come from all segments of Singapore society - the Chinese, Malays, Indians and the new citizens .... the older and the younger generation ...

To the younger people ... do contact me through my blog or facebook ....

Difficulties faced in Presidential Campaign

I have been posting a few observations about the practical difficulties that my supporters and I have to face in our preparation for the Presidential campaign. The difficulties include:
  • fear of supporters in donating to the campaign (i.e. they wish to be anonymous)
  • difficulty in booking a venue for the supporters gathering, e.g. the grassroots club
  • use of mini-bus, i.e. not allowed to be used for incidental purpose
  • unfair coverage in the mainstream media
  • late guidelines on election rules that upset our preparations
  • personal attacks sent to me by email and comments in my blog (apart from the nasty comments in other websites)
I am not complaining - just pointing out the facts. I hope that the citizens of Singapore are aware of the big sacrifices that my supporters and I have to make in offering a choice to the people of Singapore. My supporters have to do their daily work and still find the time to help me in the campaign. It is tough for them, and for me.

Tan Kin Lian

Restricted use of mini-bus

A supporter offered the use of his mini-bus for my campaign. Later, he found that the licence for his mini-bus is only to ferry his employees, and cannot be used for ferrying my supporters. So, he has to decline - to keep within the restriction. I have to depend on the private cars - but there is parking problem. So, we may have to take public transport.

Is the Presidential Election a "political activity"?

I wanted to book a function room at the Grassroots Club for a weekly gathering of my supporters. They reminded me politely that their regulations disallow the club to be used for political activities. I said that it will be used for my Presidential election, which is supposed to be "non-partisan" and "dignified" and should not be classified as a "political activity". They are not able to decide on this matter. As time is urgent, I have to book a hotel for the gathering.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Animoto video of TKL press conference

This video has been created by a supporter:

The New Paper - Presidential Contest

All three potential candidates have said that they are contesting as independent candidates. Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Mr Tan, in particular, made it a point to distance themselves from the People's Action Party.
Given public sentiment that has carried over from the May General Election, are the candidates' move a sign that they are bowing to populist pressures just as what President SR Nathan had cautioned against?
No, said Mr Tan, who added: "As a leader, you listen to people, you understand what they are telling you.
But then you don't just bow to populist pressure.

"You must evaluate whether the feedback is practical or not, good for the long-term or not, and you must make your own decisions. So I'm not bowing to populist pressure.A leader has to be stronger than that."
Mr Tan had said in the press conference earlier that he came from a humble background and understood the struggle of people who found it difficult to earn enough to meet the cost of living.
He also said that he wished to run for president as a public duty and pledged to donate at least 50 per cent of the president's salary to charity and other worthy causes if he is elected into office.
So, does he see himself as someone who's out to help the needy?
"I believe that leaders don't have to be paid so much... I look at the presidents and prime ministers of other countries. They earn a salary that is quite modest, they don't earn such high salaries.
"So definitely for me, I don't think I want to take such a big salary, otherwise people will say Tan Kin Lian is after this job for a salary, and I don't want to give people that impression."

My views of National Service - two sides

During my time as CEO of NTUC Income, I supported National Service in the following ways:
  • I gave priority to reservist training. All employees had to report for reservist training as required by SAF, i.e. NO request for deferment. 
  • NTUC Income actively participated in SAF Day to recognize the contribution of NSmen
  • NTUC Income was recognised for the Most Supportive Employee by SAF for many years
During the same period, I also wrote several letters to the newspapers to ask for the burden of national service to be fairly shared by males, females and non-citizens. I also spoke to many MPs and ministers. I once raised this matter in a private conversation with the then Defense Minister.

Read this previous posting.

I supported the need to defend the nation, but wished to see the burden spread fairly among the people.

Tan Kin Lian

Survey results - concerns of young people

Here are the results of the survey showing the concerns of young people and compares them with the concerns of parents of young people.

The top concerns of young people are earning an adequate salary, getting a job, paying the bills, buying a HDB flat and long working hours.

The parents, as a whole, are more concern over the future for their children in most areas, particularly to settle down, start a family and have children.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Survey - concerns of young Singaporeans and their parents

This survey has 2 parts:

Q1  - to be answered by a young Singaporean below 30 years
Q2 - for a parent with a son or daughter who is between 15 to 30 years.

Please take part in this survey and invite your friends to take part also.

A shoo-in for the Presidency - P N Balji

Dear Mr. Tan

This highly flattering article last week about TT's candidacy has elicited 450 comments. Read for yourself.

Alert the captain of the vessel

Dear Mr Tan,
My wife, and I, and our son would like to express our support to you.
We believe you would do the good for this country and her people. We believe you would help steer this large vessel toward the right direction. Even if as a president you may not be in direct control of the wheel but we believe you would alert the people where this vessel is heading.
All the best!

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