Saturday, September 05, 2015

Wisdom of the Crowd

The Wisdom of the Crowd website identifies issues affecting our lives and the lives of our children.
You can now vote on these issues and view the charts of the results on the same webpage.

Guess the PAP share of votes contest has now closed

The contest to guess the PAP share of the votes in general election 2015 has now closed. We will now wait for the actual results to determine the winners.

The percentages with the highest number of votes are:

The average of all the percentages submitted in the contest is 56.5% (indicating a swing of 3.8% against the PAP.

Friday, September 04, 2015

Let us hear the wisdom of the crowd

Will you advise your friends in West Coast to vote for Kenneth Jeyaretnam? Or Tanjong Pagar to vote for Tan Jee Say? Or Holland Bukit Timah to vote for Chee Soon Juan? Or Marine Parade to vote for Worker Party?
Cast your vote here. We want to hear "the wisdom of the crowd".

Vote on 5 issues and receive a free e-book

Register here, vote on 5 issues and receive the free e-book Medical Bills for the Elderly

Thursday, September 03, 2015

E-book is sent out automatically every night

Mr. Tan
I voted on more than 5 issues in your website and received the e-book on medical bills. It came on the same evening.Thank you for being diligent. It must have taken you a lot of trouble.

Thank you for participating. I was able to set the website into automatic mode. it check the votes every evening and look for users who have passed the 5 votes and did not receive the prize previously.

It sends out the email automatically to the qualifiers. i do not need to monitor it.
Thank you for participating.

Please send emails to encourage your friends to join and give their votes as well. The website is (Wisdom of the Crowd).

Last two days to enter this contest

This contest will close tomorrow. You should submit your entry now. You stand a chance to win $500.

Difficult to get a job with a general degree and no work experience

Hi Mr. Tan,

I came across your blog and would like to share my thoughts and experiences with you.

I have a diploma in business (merit) from a local polytechnic. After NS, I was rejected by NUS for a place in Business School but was offered sociology instead. Because of my interests in business, I did a minor in management and realised to my shock that 30% of those in business school were foreigners – from Vietnam, China, Malaysia who don’t even understand business terms!

After a year, I lost interest in my course and just breezed through and scraped by with a basic pass degree. Although I admit this is my fault for not working hard and securing a comfortable government job like a few of my peers, but the whole idea is that the private sector is a completely different ball game although.

When I graduated, I sent in hundreds of resume but only got two interviews. The reality for fresh graduates is that unless you have a law, accountancy or medicine degree where you have secured a training contract of some sort then you are safe. Civil service aside, the private sector is very unwilling to take on someone with a general degree with no experience.

In fact, I have been unemployed for 2 years after graduating and helping our my mother in her restaurant. This has made me feel very inferior towards the S-pass holders from third-world countries! 

Eventually, I decided to put my diploma as my highest educational level and secured a part-time job as an admin executive earning $1,200 a month with a local SME working about 20 hours a week.

I can tell you for a fact that the graduate employment surveys are bullshit! It is done on a voluntarily basis and only those who have secured jobs would have sufficient information to fill such as basic salary and so on. The reality is that the unemployed like myself are too ashamed to fill up the survey.

Even for those who do, what does 15% of FASS (faculty of arts and social science) graduates who are unemployed SIX months after graduation is no joke, considering the amount they spent on their education. I would personally estimate that around 30% of my peers are unemployed and another 30% are like me underemployed doing jobs like estate and insurance agents which do not even require degrees!

In my free time, I am also studying for an ACCA to enhance my future prospects after seeing how general degrees have no value in the job market while there are so many foreigners competing with Singaporeans who have served NS.

I have really really lost faith in our PAP.


Issues relevant to the general election

I have created four new issues for you to vote on. They are relevant to the general election that will be held on Sept 11.

To vote on the new issues and the previous issues, you have to register here

If you have registered previously, you only need to sign in to vote on the new issues.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

General Election 2015

Get this book for free

Here is an easy way to get a free copy of the e-book "Medical Bills for the Elderly" and save $4 and the hassle of making the payment.

Will these factors affect your vote in the general election?

If your current MP voted in support of the population white paper, will it influence your decision to vote for this MP?

If your current MP is a part time MP, will you give preference to another candidate who will work full time?

Give your answer in this website

Quality of service

Give your feedback on any 5 service organizations in Singapore and receive a prize - ebook on Financial Planning for Young People (usual selling price is $6).

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pie chart of votes - Wisdom of the Crowd

You can now view the pie charts of the issues that contain 10 or more votes. So far, most of the votes are against the current policies of the establishment. I hope that more of the pro-establishment votes will come in soon.

Swing against the PAP - my guess

Mr. Tan
What is your guess on the swing of votes for or against the PAP?
I expect the alternative parties to win 15 to 20 seats. The swing against the PAP is 5 to 7%.
Anyway, this is just my guess. I have participate in this contest to start it off, but if I win, my result will be excluded.

Think "Win-Win"

200 people have voted in this contest.

I sent an email to ask them to get their friends to join the contest.

One of them replied,
"Mr. Tan. If I get other people to join the contest, I will have a smaller chance to win the prize".

I replied to him:
"Ask your friend to join and ask him to share the prize with you, if he wins - because you recommended this contest to him."

Lesson: Think win-win. There is always an opportunity to improve your expected gain!

"Wisdom of the Crowd" website

The Wisdom of the Crowd website allows the ordinary people to cast their votes on issues affecting their lives and the lives of their children.
It is somewhat similar to the Swiss referendum system. The Swiss are asked to vote on their issues every three months. The results of the votes guide their government in formulating its policies and passing laws for the country.

Here are the issues that affect the lives of Singaporeans.
You can register here and cast your votes now.
After you have voted on 5 issues, you will receive a FREE copy of the e-book, "Medical Bill for the Elderly". It contains tips on how you can reduce the medical expenses for the elderly, including your parents.
Get your friends to cast their votes also. When an issue gets more than 100 votes, the results become more reliable.
Why is this website called "Wisdom of the Crowd"? The author of this famous book said that ordinary people, who are well informed of an issue, can collectively decide on what is the best solution for that issue.
So, this website allows ordinary people to cast their votes on these issue. Join "Wisdom of the Crowd" now.

President Obama is conveying my message

Mr. Tan
Which party do you endorse? Who will you vote for in your constituency?
Here are my top wish for this general election.…/my-top-wish-for-general-ele…
I will be voting in Ang Mo Kio GRC.
I will ask my friend to give you my message.

Guess the PAP share of vote in general election 2015

Here is an easy way for you to win a cash prize of $500 and it is FREE.
You only need to submit an entry to guess the percentage of the votes that will be obtained by the People's Action Party (PAP) at the general election on September 11, 2015.
TIP: The PAP won 60.1% at the general election in 2011. Will they have a higher or lower percentage of vote in 2015? See! It is easy to make your guess.
Only 210 entries have been submitted so far, so your chance of winning is quite good. Your entry can be submitted here:
After submitting your entry, tell your friends about it. If they win, ask them to give you a treat or share the prize - because you told them.
Good luck.

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