Saturday, May 13, 2017

DINK - double income, no kid

Singapore has been dealing with this problem for three decades. Many people are remaining unmarried or have decided to have no children. In Japan, they are called DINK - the spouses have double income, i.e. both are working, but no kids. Many Singaporeans are DINKS.

One key factor is the financial challenges. But there are other challenges that have to be addressed, from the social or personal angles.

What are the problems? Give your vote on the marriage issues in

Received all six book prizes

Some participants have submitted more than 60 votes and received all the six book prizes shown here.

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Independent expert to evaluate financial products

I have updated this article to show how the use of an independent expert can help consumers to avoid the financial products that give them a poor return and take unfair advantage of their ignorance to benefit the financial instituion. In layman terms, the financial insitution is "ripping off" the consumer.

Read this article.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Have a restful and peaceful vacation

For Singaporeans who live in a crowded city every day, a short break in a farm can be quite relaxing and a good change. You do not need to go all the way to Australia or New Zealand to have this experience.

You can visit a farm in Malacca. It offers a restful and peaceful enviroment and a change to really relax. What's more, you can enjoy the best in our local food, Malacca style.

What's more. It is so inexpensive, compared to staying in a farm in Aussieland.

Where to stay? Try this.

How to avoid bad financial products

Many life insurance policies sold in the market are bad for consumers. They should be avoided.
Which are the products that are acceptable, and which are not?

Join FISCA ( and have access to the product analysis that you can find here:

If your product has not been analyzed, you can send the benefit illustration to me ( for it to be analyzed.

Questions on marriage

What is the best age for young people to get married, leaving aside the financial challenges? Should they search for a spouse on their own, or get help from friends, parents or a professional counsellor (or matchmaker)?

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Change will take time

Many Singaporeans have a mindset that is based on "black or white". The education minister Ong Ye Kung said that skills are as important as a degree. A few people - "In that case, why does the public service ask for a degree for their jobs?"

Read my views here:

Get independent expert to verify advertised claims

The regulator is putting up a new regulation to stop manufacturers from making nutritional and health claims when they advertised their products.

This is necessary, as consumers have no way to verify the reliability of the advertised claims.

However, this ban has its negative aspects, as the advertisers will not be able to bring out the special features of their products, if these are true.

The regulators can take another approach. Read here:

Should schools start later?

There was a report that Nanyang Girls started school 45 mins later than other schools to give their students more time to sleep. This seemed to work well.

Should other schools make this change? Give your view and vote in www.wisdomofthecrowd.aspx

Errant claims on CHAS

There was a news report that some clinics were suspended for making "errant claims" for non-existent consultations under the CHAS (community health assistance scheme). Were these mistakes or deliberate attempts to cheat the government?

Should doctors who deliberately cheat on the CHAS be charged for cheating? Give your views here:

Right to free speech

Many people think that they have the "ight to free speech" and that this right is absolute. They are not aware that this right has to be balanced by responsibility towards other people in society. Read here:

You do not need a degree for many jobs

Many people hold the view that a degree is necessary and is a basic requirement for a career in the future.

I agree to some extent. A degree is necessary for certain types of jobs. It is not necessary for many other jobs in the economy, now and in the future.

A degree is costly in time and money. It will take 3 years of a person's time. It will cost a lot of money.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The troll who cried

A few years ago, I encountered a troll who kept attacking me mindlessly. At that time, Facebook did not provide the facility to ban the troll.

I told him that he brought shame to his parents who did not teach him any manners and to respect other people.

His reaction surprised me. He told me that he was deeply hurt by my comments and cried. His mother had passed away recently. I should not blame his mother for his behavior.

I felt sorry for him for a while. I wondered - if he is so sensitive, why did he enjoy hurting other people by his senseless behavior?

I wonder how many trolls (aka idiots) that I have banned from my page are like him - deeply sensitive, feeling deeply hurt when they are attacked back, but have no regard for the feelings of other people?

I know that this behavior can be found all over the world. I don't know if the behavior of our people is worse than those of other cultures, but I will say that it is most deplorable.

Alternative to getting a degree

Over the past years, I have seem many people who do not make the grade to be accepted into local universities, still have the dream to pursue a degree. Their parents support them financially and send them to overseas universities.

Buy a recumbent gym bike

Failure of the education system

Some people have the mistaken notion that "free speech" gives them the right to give to other people's Facebook page and insult them directly and meaninglessly. They find it "fun" to be a troll. When they are banned from that page, they complained that they were only expressing their view and the right to "free speech" is being denied.

This is a sad reflection of the failure of the education system, of parenting and of society. After spending a large part of the national budget on education, we get many people who are uneducated, ill mannered, uncouth and are absolute idiots.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Product Analysis - life insurance policies

Dear Mr. Tan
Is Vivolife a good policy? It came from the company that you use to run.

Go to, click on Article, then type in Vivolife.

You will get a review here:

If you want to view the analysis on other policies, just type in the name of the policy. Or go to the tab "Product Analysis".

Learn about insurance through videos

Dear Mr. Tan,

I am worried to read about the many cases of rejected claims. After paying so much premium for "peace of mind", I don't know if I will be covered when something really happens to me. What is your advice?

Watch the educational videos in www.tankinlian/video.aspx . You will learn the tips on what types of insurance to buy and what to avoid. You should watch all the videos over a few days. You may have to watch the videos a few times to understand the underlying message.

Sorry, there is no short cut. It is better to equip yourself with the knowledge to make the right decision.

Ministers who don't reply to emails

I spoke to a friend, who is around my age, early this morning.

She was most annoyed with the attitude of our ministers. They don't reply to her emails.

She mentioned specifically Tharman S, Lee HL and Teo CH. I told her that many people liked Tharman but she had a very different opinion.

She liked K Shanmugaratnam, who is in touch with what is happening and is willing to help on her issues. I wonder if this is personal to her.

I agree with her that most ministers just ignored emails sent to them. They are arrogant. They also do not reply to my emails or even acknowledged them. They have so many assistants and are not able to give a simple reply?

In contrast, I always reply to emails (except spam marketing emails). Here is an example that someone remembered for more than ten years.

Prompt reply and personal attention

I believe in giving a prompt reply to an email (except for spam advertising mail). I received this email today.

Hello Mr Tan
I just recently realised that your email address is on Facebook and would like to write you this note.
(I had no idea how to write to you after you left Income)

Years ago when I was a university student, I was a member of Income Car Co-Op. You were still the CEO of NTUC Income back then. (I am now almost 40 years old, and I was around 22-23 years old back then).

Guess what he said:

Unified point of sale terminal

Finally, serveral parties in Singapore are working on a unified point of sale terminal.…/govt-aims-half-fb-outlets-go-d…

Monday, May 08, 2017

Constitutionality of legislation on elected president

Dr Tan Cheng Bok has confirmed that the court will be hearing his application to determine the constitutionality of the legislation passed in Parliament. I like to wish him success and all the best in this effort.

High Speed Rail between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Earlier, it appeared that China will get the contract to build the HSR between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Recent developments cast some doubts about it. The contract to build Bandar Malaysia (where China Rail was a partner) was cancelled by the Malaysian Government.

Which country will win the contract? Give your vote in

Changes to the Elected President

The majority of the people voting in The Wisdom of the Crowd prefer the previous system of elected president that existed for 20 years during the tenure of President Ong, President Nathan and President Tan.

They do not like the recent changes to the Elected President.

See their votes in the chart below.

You can view their votes on other issues at www.wisdomofthecrowd.result.aspx

Wisdom of the Crowd book

This book explains the development and concept of the website.

Only 30% of local students are allowed to enter the local universities

Is it a right policy for the government to set a cap of 30% for each cohort to enter the local universities?

Give your vote in

Barack Obama and the French Presidential election

Former president Barack Obaman endorsed Macron for the French Presidency. Is he interefering in French politics? Should be avoid doing so?

Give your views in

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