Saturday, November 14, 2020

Singapore has to address our economic challenge

 Singapore has been badly hit by the pandemic. This is due to the nature of our economy, which depends much on international trade.

Our economic growth has been worse than many other countries.

It will be a challenging time for Singapore.

It is very important for us to reduce our operating cost, and to cut out the wastage. We need to be more targeted at improving competitiveness and efficiency.

We cannot continue to be incompetent, complacent and wasteful!

The future for media companies

The media companies around the world are struggling. They are trying to move to the online channel, but have not been successful.

Singapore Press Holdings face a similar challenge.

What is the solution?

I have some ideas:

Singapore is adopting the wrong strategy towards controlling the pandemic

 I put forward the hypothesis that the super spreaders are likely to be those with symptoms and that the asymptomatic cases are less likely to spread the virus.

I did some research and found this statement in WHO's website.
It confirms my common sense.
It confirms my gut feel that the strategy adopted in Singapore - emphases on safe entry and contact tracing - is wasteful and unproductive. This strategy is, led by our insane ministers.

Transforming the economy after the pandemic

 Here are the views of the "experts" on how to transform the Singapore economy after the pandemic.

Sorry. I think they did not address the real issues and challenges facing Singapore.
They forget that we are a high cost economy and waste a lot of resources on unproductive work.
We need to focus on the real challenges - to be productive, to get rid of wastefulness, to be really innovative in a way that can make us more competitive.

Is this a more effective way to stop the spread of the corona virus?

 I put forward this suggestion on a more effective way to control the spread of the virus.

We should get away from the wasteful activities (such as contact tracing and safe entry recording) and focus on dealing with the symptomatic cases in a more effective manner.

Please help me to test this hypothesis by providing research information.

Friday, November 13, 2020

WOTC - What will happen to Donald Trump

 Wisdom of the Crowd: 53% of the respondents expect Donald Trump to be charged for tax fraud or abuse of power over the next year. 47% expect him to be re-elected as president or to retire quietly from politics.

WOTC - Snap election in Malaysia

Wisdom of the Crowd: 84% of the respondents do not expect a snap election to be called in Malaysia. 16% expect a snap election.

Wisdom of the Crowd - New Issues

1. Will you get queue to get early vaccination against covid?
2. Who should pay for the cost of the vaccination against covid?

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No hurry to get the covid vaccine

When the covid vaccine is ready, I will not be in a hurry to get vaccinated.


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

US Supreme Court - likely decision on Obamacare

 This is wonderful news. It shows that the US Supreme Court can decide independently and not bend to politicking.

This is the power of a small number of wise men under the spotlight of transparency.

Please tell LHL.

CNN News Alert:
Supreme Court appears to signal Obamacare will survive latest GOP challenge

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh suggested Tuesday that it wasn't the Supreme Court's role to invalidate the entire sprawling, 900-page Affordable Care Act, even if one or more provisions are deemed unconstitutional, signaling the key parts of Obamacare will survive the latest court challenge.

As the pandemic rages, President Donald Trump lashes out at election returns and President-elect Joe Biden prepares for a new administration, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments to discuss whether to invalidate the linchpin of the nation's health care system.

Why does America dislike China?

 My crystal ball CB agrees with this Quora writer, Allen Allington

Why does America dislike China?

American politicians, preachers and press told China they had to give its citizens more freedoms and they did.

Then they told China they had to adopt capitalism and they did. Then did capitalism better than we do and that pissed off our politicians, preachers and press. So they keep the anti China smears and fears coming :-(

Our self serving politicians didn’t want China poor, uneducated and powerless and now they are pissed China has educated its citizens, significantly increased its middle class and has become an economic powerhouse. And now they don’t want and try to sabotage China’s progress.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

WOTC - Waste of manpower doing safe entry

 Many people do not realize that Safe Entry is a waste of manpower and that the people who are employed in this work could be better deployed in other useful jobs.

WOTC - Request for an emergency declaration

 Wisdom of the Crowd: 79% of the respondents disagreed with the request of the Malaysian PM to declare an emergency to pass the budget. 21% agreed.

WOTC - Lift the circuit breaker

 Wisdom of the Crowd: 62% of the respondents said that the circuit breaker should be lifted now. 38% said that we should wait a few more weeks for the virus to be totally eliminated.

Wisdom of the Crowd - New Issues

1. Should we set up an ombudsman office in Singapore?
2. Should it be compulsory to use Trace Together tokens for entry to malls?

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