Saturday, June 22, 2024

Dishonest practice of auto-renewal

 Many news websites have a dishonest practice of auto-renewal.


Anonymous said...

Very good psychological strategy. Already guilty. But if the seat is not retained, there

will be double guilt in the upcoming court case. Retain the seat, and decide the move after

the court case. Thumbs up to the Worker's Party.

Anonymous said...

Good la. From the fire🔥🚒 into the frying pan.🥘🍳

Anonymous said...


This exam carries 2 marks for each right answer.

1. Who has the mental resilience to carry the secret longer?
a) the one who knew about the affair?
b) the ones who knew about the RK's lie?
c) the one who has been accepting gift after gift knowing that it is unlawful to do so as a public servant?
d) the ones who just love money?

2. Arrange the following in order of importance.

a) big paycheck?
b) country?
c) individual parties?
d) the people?

3. Policies should add to,

a) value or kill?
b) financial gain?
c) functionality & practicality?
d) taking the easy way out?

Anonymous said...

Do we have a choice not to accept what was pushed to us?
A couple went to KFC and bought 2 pairs of meals for the price of 1.
They requested no breast pieces.
Was told by the staff not allowed to choose promotional meals.
Nobody ate the 2 breast pieces.

Even instructions are only sometimes accurate in a balancing act?
A lady bought a 4ft plant for the house.
Although she watered it religiously, the leaves started turning yellow.
In an attempt to vigour the plant, she started giving it fertilisers.
Slowly the plant started to decay. Wrong kind of fertilizers, plant size ratio to the fertilizers or clash with the temperature?

Leading by example or doing as you are told?
A boy lives with his parents and grandmother.
In an attempt to show that fathers know best, they kept telling him what should be right.
When he came the an age where he could think for himself, he told his parents that he should stop listening to them, because he said he saw that they had never listened to his grandmother.

Anonymous said...

Why I am not interested in reading about the dialogue with PM Lawrence Wong?

Firstly, it would be lopsided answers and skewed.

Secondly, it would be defensive and justifiable replies.

Thirdly, opinions would be pushed down our throats.

Lastly, isn't dialogue about exchanging and sharing ideas and views? Some things can never change?

Anonymous said...

Every year we put up the Sgp flag to celebrate National Day, not bcos we por lum par PAP.

We did it not to show the 40% of the foreign population living here that we don't like our country but stayed bcos we have no where else to go.

The country we love to move to and live are not be easy to apply.

Anonymous said...

Dialogue with the young - One minute we preach about an inclusive society, the next we act superior because we think we have all the answers. How to take them serious?

Anonymous said...

Though unseen, they are pricing themselves off the market and map.

Anonymous said...

Chee Hong Tat
Minister for Transport of Singapore

He is one of the few who is honest about mistakes. He inherits most of it from Iswaran.
Past PM used to say that they could have done better.
The rest just evades even the Worker's Party.

Anonymous said...

Train of Life
By Jean d'Ormesson

At birth, we boarded the train of life and met our parents,
and we believed that they would always travel by our side.
However, at some station, our parents would step down from the train,
leaving us on life's journey alone.

As time goes by, some significant people will board the train:
siblings, other children, friends, and even the love of our life.

Many will step down and leave a permanent vacuum.
Others will go so unnoticed that we won't realize that they vacated their seats!
This train ride has been a mixture of joy, sorrow, fantasy,
expectations, hellos, goodbyes, and farewells.

A successful journey consists of having a good relationship with all passengers,
requiring that we give the best of ourselves.
The mystery that prevails is that we do not know at
which station we ourselves will step down.
Thus, we must try to travel along the track of life in the best possible way -
loving, forgiving, giving, and sharing.

When the time comes for us to step down and leave our seat empty -
we should leave behind beautiful memories for
those who continue to travel on the train of life. Let’s remember to thank our Creator
for giving us life to participate in this journey.
I close by thanking you for
being one of the passengers on my train!

Anonymous said...

Mural Samsui lady is very insensitive to the majority of people. She could have held a kopi or paper fan. As always the loud minority wins.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, the Ministers pay can only buy one and a half resale HDB. There are only two possibilities. One it is either their pay is too low with inflation going up too fast or, people have to pay for overpriced products because they have no alternatives.

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