Saturday, September 03, 2005

Handle issues at the proper level

As the CEO, I am available to my customers. I give my e-mail address for them to contact me directly.

Some of our customers are not considerate. They will ask me to handle an issue that can be handled through my colleague.

Here is an example. A policyholder receives a bill that he has already settled. He sends me a complaint that "the bill has already been settled".

My reply to the customer: "I believe that the bill tells you where you can call to make an enquiry. Frankly, I am the CEO but not the person who handles every enquiry. I will pass your enquiry to my officer. "

I hope that people can be more considerate.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Do not involve irrelevant people

A policyholder send an angry letter about not being able to use Medisave to pay the premium under the Managed Healthcare Scheme from 2007. He copied his letter to several ministers.

I replied to the policyholder:

It is my policy never to reply to a person who writes to me, with a copy to the media or to important people in the government. I find this attitude to be unacceptable.

I suggest that you withdraw your previous e-mail (and notify the other people). If you write to me separately on this matter, I shall be happy to reply to you at that time.

He acted on my request and told the other people that he will liaise directly with me. Although this does not amount to a "withdrawal", I agreed to reply to him.

What is better than ??

Here is a brief summary of an excellent speech given by Butch Jimenez to the graduating class of the University of the Philippines:

What's better than focusing on the negative? Focus on the positive.
What's better than working hard? It's working smart.
What's better than dreaming? Imagineering.
What's better than doing something for yourself? Doing something for your
What's better than a vision? A cause.
What's better than a long speech? Definitely, a short one.

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