Saturday, February 11, 2023

Excellent customer service from Tiger Brokers

 1. I have given examples of poor customer service provided by many businesses in Singapore, including banks, telephone companies and others. 

I often find it difficult to access the customer service channels, and have to provide a lot of irrelevant data, before I could ask my question. They usually reply "within 4 days". Often, I do not get any reply.

2. I will now share an example of an excellent customer service provided by Tiger Brokers, which has an operation in Singapore. 

3. I have recently opened an account with Tiger Brokers. As a new customer, I needed to get assistance on several issues. Here is my experience.

a) I am able to access the Feedback tab and provide my questions. It is answered within one day.

b) I can access the Live Chat tab. It is answered immediately. I know the code of the agent that attends to me. 

The answers given by both channels are accurate. 

4. I commend Tiger Brokers for their excellent customer service. It was possible because they have an excellent platform to handle customer service. 

Tan Kin Lian

Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Possible increase in population target

 1. The minister for national development reported in parliament that HDB will ramp up BTO projects, with 150 projects to be built by 2025.

2. I searched the news report to find out how many units are comprised in the 150 projects. I could not find any mention. I am disappointed that the minister failed to give relevant information and the media does not ask for this information.

3. I searched the Internet and found a news report that 10 projects comprising 10,000 units were offered recently. I guess that each project would yield about 1,000 units.

4. The 150 projects would probably yield 150,000 units. This is over a period of three years. The annual rate is 50,000 units per year.
This is rather high. The number of marriages each year is about 25,000.

5. Perhaps some of the flats are required to clear the backlog, as the waiting time for a new flat is currently 5 years.

6. It is possible that HDB is building for more foreigners to live in Singapore. We might be aiming to increase our population to 6.9 million, or even 10 million. This was planned in the past.

7. As the MRT network has been expanded considerably during the past ten years, it can probably cope with the increase in population. However, I am not sure if we are building enough schools, hospitals and other facilities to cater for the bigger population.

Tan Kin Lian

ChatGPT and similar software

 1. Many people found ChatGPT to be useful. I agree. I have used it often.

2. Some people found that ChatGPT and similar software are not totally accurate. They were able to trick in the software into giving unreliable output.

3. This is my guess of the inaccuracy of information:

a) ChatGPT - perhaps 1%

b) Google search - perhaps 10%. I make this estimate because the search produces many resources, and the user might select the wrong resources or interpret them wrongly

c) Content spread through social media - perhaps 30%. Many of these contents are made with the bias of the creator or were deliberately faked to mislead the reader.

4. I use my common sense to read and understand the content and decide if it is credible. Sometimes, I verify with an alternative source. If the output is not credible, I disregard it.

5. I am not worried that the output produced by ChatGPT or similar software may be unreliable. I do not trust the output totally. In spite of the possible inaccuracy, I will use the software, because it is helpful.

Tan Kin Lian

WOTC - Democracy

 Wisdom of the Crowd: 53% of the respondents do not like the system of democracy practiced in America, UK or Singapore.

Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Monday, February 06, 2023

Update the law on jay walking

1. I made a post in my Facebook page that I crossed the road at a pedestrian crossing against a red man, when the road is clear. There were no cars as far as my eyes can see. If I pressed the button for the green man, it might take up to 2 minutes for the green man to appear, based on my past experiences. I crossed the road without waiting for the green man, because it was quite safe to do so.

2. That post was seen by over 400,000 people. This is an unusually high number, and is almost ten times higher than my viral posts in the past.

3. Some people said that I was committing a crime. They obviously do not know the difference between a crime (which carries serious penalty and jail sentence) and an offense (which carries a warning or a fine). These people should check the meaning of their words before they pass a wrong or harmful comment.

4. What was my purpose in making the post? Many pedestrian crossings and traffic junctions around Singapore are quite unfriendly to pedestrians. They make the pedestrians waiting longer than necessary.

I hope that my post will result in a review of the current arrangement and result in some improvements:

a) For a pedestrian crossing, it is reasonable for the green man to appear within 15 or 30 seconds. Two minutes is too long. From my observation, it is possible to reduce the waiting time without disrupting the flow of traffic for vehicles.

b) At traffic junctions, I wish to see a shorter waiting time for pedestrians to cross the road. In the past, vehicles turning left give way to pedestrians. In recent years, the vehicles have the right of way, forcing pedestrians to wait longer for a short period to cross the road.

c) It was also unfair to force pedestrians to walk a long distance to cross the road. I prefer the crossings to be placed closer to the bus stops and for a shorter distance between crossings on two sides of a major road. Pedestrians now have to walk a somewhat long distance, which appears unnecessary.

5. I now take public transport often and I also take long walks often. I understand the need for road safety and support measures that enhance safety, but these measures should not cause unnecessary inconvenience to pedestrians.

I do not like long waiting time or long walking distance that appear to be unnecessary. I am aware of the need to see this matter from the perspective of the pedestrians and vehicle drivers. I exercise my common sense to see what is reasonable and what is not.

6. Some people said that I am encouraging pedestrians, and especially young children, to disobey traffic regulations and road safety. These people should not carry their argument too fair and out of context.

I think that it is safe to cross the road when the road is clear of traffic. They should still be cross the road with care. If they are not sure, they should wait for the green man.

7. More importantly, I like to see the waiting time at pedestrian crossing reduced to 15 second or 30 second at the most.

I have experienced a pedestrian crossing where the waiting time is 15 second. It is located at Bishan North Shopping Center. Although the road is generally busy, the shorter waiting time did not appear to disrupt the traffic flow for the vehicles.

This pedestrian crossing is an exception. I might be wrong, but I suspect that this shorter waiting time was made when the member of parliament for the constituency held a senior position in the ministry of transport.

I do not complain about the privilege enjoyed by the residents of that constituency. I only wish for the positive experience to be extended to pedestrian crossings in other parts of Singapore.

8. Several people said that they also crossed the road when it is clear and safe and do not wait for the green man. They also said that it was a sensible thing to do, although it is technically an offense.

9. I have not yet received a fine for crossing the road against a red man at the pedestrian crossing. I think the police does not have evidence to charge me, although they might use my post as evidence to charge me.

I hope that they are more sensible and receive my post as a feedback and update the law against jay walking to be more sensible and friendly to pedestrians.

Tan Kin Lian

CDC Voucher

 Wisdom of the Crowd: 95% of the respondents do not like the CDC voucher. They prefer the government to keep the cost of living low or to credit the money into their bank account.

Wisdom of the Crowd - New Issues

1. Was it proper for America to shoot down the high altitude balloon?
2. Was it proper for Anwar Ibrahim to appoint his daughter as financial adviser?

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Wandering high altitude balloon

1. I asked ChatGPT about two options to gather intelligence data. It replied.

The better option for intelligence gathering depends on the specific requirements of the mission.

Satellites have the advantage of being able to cover large areas from high altitudes and can gather a vast amount of data in a short time. They are also able to capture high-resolution images and other data using specialized sensors.

High-altitude balloons, on the other hand, can be less expensive to deploy and can be more flexible in terms of where they can fly and what data they can gather. They can also fly at high altitudes for extended periods of time, making them useful for missions that require long-term monitoring.

In summary, each platform has its strengths and weaknesses and the choice of which is better depends on the specific requirements of the mission and the data that needs to be collected.

2. I searched Google to find out how long was the high altitude balloon hovering over the sensitive military base in Montana to gather sensitive data over an extended period of time for long term monitoring. 

I found this report. (American source).

It appeared to be flying all over the place and not hovering over the sensitive Montana military base. 

China claimed that the balloon went out of control. This appears credible to me. If it is under control, it would be sensible for China to fly the balloon outside of US airspace, after it is detected. (But some people think that the people in China are irrational and cannot be trusted). 

I am not an expert. But my common sense suggest that if the balloon wander about all over the place, like this balloon did, the sensitive data that is gathered is probably not better than the data that can be gathered by a powerful satellite or from the China space station. 

America has the right to shoot down the balloon over its territory. But it was probably not necessary and not a friendly act to do.

Tan Kin Lian

Sunday, February 05, 2023

Wisdom of the Crowd - New Issues

1. Did China sent a spy balloon over America?
2. What are your views about the future of Malaysia.
3. Should the flow of traffic at the land crossing with Johor be improved?

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WOTC - Singapore has slackened

 Wisdom of the Crowd: 85% of respondents said that Singapore slackened during the past decade.

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