Friday, February 12, 2016

Oldest candidate get the highest support of young voters

Which candidate for the US Presidency is most popular with young people?
Surprise! It is the oldest candidate - Bernie Sanders, age 74. In the New Hampshire election, he got 84% of the votes of young people - which is really fantastic. Here are his messages that resonate with young people:
a) We have to act on the problems caused by climate change
b) Public colleges should be tuition free
c) We have to reduce the burden of student loans
d) We need to create jobs for young people, instead of allowing them to idle and get into trouble and jail.
The support from young people towards Bernie Sanders is, in a word, fantastic - and I mean it in a positive sense.

Bernie Sanders - as viewed by my friend

My friend, Lindell Lucy, created this Facebook page to show his support for Bernie Sanders. He has posted many speeches made by Bernie during the campaign for the US Presidency. Read the postings in the page and the comments of the people in the group, including me.

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