Saturday, August 05, 2017

My view about the statement by Li Shengwu

Li Shengwu, the nephew of PM Lee, posted a comment that we have a "pliant court system". The Attorney General has taken a proceeding in court against this comment, which is alleged to be a contempt of court.

I consider this statement to be just a personal opinion. It is not interfering with the administration of justice. It is not directed at any specific judge.

This statement does not seem to fit into the offence of scandalising the court, as explained here:…/Offence_of_scandalizing_the_cour…

In Singapore, the offence of scandalizing the court is committed when a person performs any act or publishes any writing that is calculated to bring a court or a judge of the court into contempt, or to lower his authority. An act or statement that alleges bias, lack of impartiality, impropriety or any wrongdoing concerning a judge in the exercise of his judicial function falls within the offence.

Mr Li 's statement refers to a "pliant court system". It is the opinion of one person. Most thinking people will form their own opinion, based on their own experience and information from many sources. They are not likely to be influenced by the opinion of a single person. I do not think that Mr Li's opinion had that much of an influence, with due respect to him.

By taking this action, the government and Attorney General are now caught in a bind.

If the court finds the statement to be offensive, it might reinforce the belief of a pliant court system. If the court finds the statement to be just a personal opinion, it might show the court to be independant. It is ironic.

It is best for the Attorney General to drop this case and let the matter rest. Mr. Li had already corrected his posting and clarified that he did not intend to bring the court to disrepute.

Wisdom of the Crowd - results

Here are the results of the voting on these issues:

a) What are your views about the haze caused by forest fires in Indonesia?

Most respondents are unhappy with the limited action taken by the Indonesian authority.

b) Do you accept the 2020 target on rail reliability set by the transport minister? (76 Votes )

Most respondents are unhappy with the approach taken by the transport minister.

c) Do you like the Privacy and Data Protection Act (PDPA)? (63 Votes )

Most respondents do not like the PDPA.

Wisdom of the Crowd - issues for voting

Here are the issues for your votes.

a) Professor Huang Jing is expelled for being an agent of influence for a foreign country. Which country?
b) How should Li Shengwu respond to the action taken by the Attorney General on contempt of court?

Give your votes in

Friday, August 04, 2017

Opt out of Eldershield?

Hi Mr Tan,
Do you think Eldershield is necessary since we already had Medisave and Medishield? I am thinking of opting out

Here are the articles that I have written about Eldershield.

You have to join FISCA to read these articles.

Voluntary no-pay leave

Singapore Airlines has to reduce its cost. It is now offering voluntary no-pay leave. This is a good approach to tide over a difficult period. It is also good to allow people to have more free time, if they can afford to take a reduced pay.…/singapore-airlines-offers-…

Crowd votes on the issues involving Aljunied Hougang Town Council

Here are the results of the voting on two issues involving the Aljunied Hougang Town Council.

a) Is it proper for an independent panel to be appointed to look into the lapses in Aljunied Town Council? (71 Votes )

Only 13% agrees with this approach. The remainder does not agree.

b) Is the proper for the independent panel to sue the Aljunied MPs to recover the improper payments? (72 Votes )

Only 3% agrees with this action.

Click on the links to view the results.

Click here to vote on the other issues that are still active.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Wisdom of the Crowd - new issues for voting

Here are the issues for your voting:

a) Is Lee HL practicising double standard when he did not sue his siblings for defaming him?
b) Will US sanctions against Russia lead to a trade war or serious conflict?
c) Should taxis be allowed to deliver goods for ecommerce companies?

Give your vote in
You will win a prize for voting

Wisdom of the Crowd - results

Here are the results of the voting under The Wisdom of the Crowd.

a) What will you do if the elected President is a walkover? (64 Votes )

Only 20% will accept the results. The remainder will protest against the walkover in several ways. It will reflect badly on Lee HL.

b) Is it proper for Halimah Yacob to be accepted as a candidate for Presidential Election (70 Votes )

Only 6% find her suitable. 50% consider her to be unsuitable for one of a few reasons. The others said that she should not be elected through a walkover.

Do not be misled by this kind of dishonest sales marketing

Hi Mr Tan,
Recently an representative from X (an insurance company) approached me who trying to is sell a unit trust plan that allows investor to collect dividends til death (Sounds interesting, so is it the case if everybody buy this then no need CPF LIFE?)

Read the details of this policy and my reply here.


Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Wisdom of the crowd - Results

The results of the voting is now available for viewing.

a) Why does the government waive the levy for employment pass holders? (66 Votes )

62% said that they should introduce the levy for employment pass holders. The other 38% identified 2 reasons for the government's decision to waive the levy.

b) Why do employers prefer foreigners when Singaporeans are willing to do the job? (69 Votes )

61% said that foreign workers are cheaper. But the other 39% gave other reasons.

Give your votes on the these current issues:

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

HDB flats have no value at end of 99 years

Only 18% consider it fair that the value of HDB flat wil be $0 at the end of 99 years. The others felt that this is unfair. You can read their reasons here.

Wisdom of the Crowd - new issues

Here are new issues for voting:

a) Why does the government take so long to reduce the jam at the causeway?
b) Will a joint immigration clearance help to reduce the jam at the causeway and second link

You can submit your vote at

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A little know secret can help you to earn much more

Young people should pay attention to this little known secret.
It can help them to get much more from investing their savings for retirement.
If they buy a bad financial product, a large part of the accumulated savings will be taken away.
If they know this little known secret and invest in the right product, they can keep most of the accumulated savings for themselves.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Performance Trend for ministers and agencies - update

The performance score of many ministers and agencies continue to drop with the latest scores (30 July), but there are some exceptions. Who are these exceptions?

After viewing them, click on "Submit Your Vote" to express your views.

Vote these issues

Here are the active issues that you can vote on and win a prize.

Wisdom of the Crowd - Results

You can view the results of the voting on these issues:

a) Should the government provide regulations on shared bikes? (59 Votes )
22% said that this should be left to private enterprise but the others identified the areas that should be regulated.

b) Where is the best place to leave a shared bike, e.g. Ofobike? (66 Votes )
Nearly half said that the bikes should be left at designed places.

c) Do we have to pay high salaries to attract talented people into politics? (62 Votes )
Only 5% agree with the current policy of paying high salaries. The other 95% strongly disagree.

d) What do you think about the collapse of the PIE viaduct? (58 Votes )
A large majority blame the government agencies for the collapse.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Should I move to an Integrated Shield plan?

Mr. Tan
I am now insured under Medishield Life. An agent asked me to move to an Integrated plan. Should I move?

You can find the answer here

Wisdom of the Crowd - issues for voting

Here are the new issues for you to vote:

a) Would you accept Halimah Yacob as a candidate for the reserved Presidential Election? 0
b) Transport Minister asked the journalists to fix the MRT breakdown, if they are so smart.

Vote here:

You will win a prize for submitting 10 votes.

Walkover for the reserved Presidential Election?

There is a strong likelihood that the reserved presidential election will be a walkover. How does the Crowd feel about it?
You can see their views here. Lee HL should worry about the outcome.

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