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Media conference - concluding statements

Watch the final questions and answers and the concluding statements - a message to all Singaporeans on polling day:

Voice of a NS man

Mr Tan,
I hope that u can protect the interests of us NS men.we have had to involuntarily sacrifice 2.5 yrs of our lives in an establishment we might not even like, People whom we can't get along with, job not even suitable for us, all for the sake of national defense. It's ludicrous that after that,we are disadvantaged rather than favored. 

The law has various places which are biased against men,and this aspect is most obvious. I hope u can push for moves that would put everyone on an equal playing field, making us a truly equal country. A possibility is to mandatorily recruit girls of age into healthcare establishments as their service to the nation, so they can contribute too.

Another concern is whether foreigners would have leverage over locals as they do not need to serve in our security.this aspect has the bulk of singaporeans concerned.

In addition to the meagre NSf allowance, many are coerced into offering ord treat just before they pass out. I myself had paid out $40 while later realising it wasnt a cause well spent.


Raffles Economic Forum 9 July 2011

Picture with some participants of the forum held at Raffles Institution

Message from Goh Meng Seng

Goh Meng Seng told me that he has to go to Hong Kong for a job interview. If he is accepted, he will be working in Hong Kong. But he will try his best to continue to help in my campaign.

I appreciate the support that Meng Seng has given to me, and understand that he has to earn a living. I also appreciate his concern to help me in spite of the practical difficulties. I am somewhat saddened that he has to leave Singapore to work in Hong Kong. It is a big sacrifice to have to work overseas, due to lack of job opportunities in Singapore, for a person who is standing under a non-PAP ticket in the general election.

Here is a message from Meng Seng

Hi Kin Lian,

I am trying to negotiate with my potential employer (an NGO which deals with providing Pro Bono Legal Aid to refugees seeking asylum) to let me start work in September or at least mid August so that I could continue to help you. I will only know the result on 15 July but I will be away in Hainan Island to settle some family matters there.

I am writing a blog post with regards to this soon. I am very glad that you have taken up this daunting challenge of contesting in this Presidential Elections with the knowing that all establishment machineries will be gunning at you. I am also very grateful to your family, especially your wife, Mrs Tan, for giving you the full support in this thankless quest.

As I have said before, I have been involved in persuading a lot of people to get involve in our Nation's political process on the opposite side of the establishment for the past ten years. It is never easy to persuade good people to come aboard and take up the challenge of being part of the thankless Public Service as opposition members. It is even more difficult to find someone who could qualify the stringent criteria set by PAP to become a Presidential Candidate and yet who is truly courageous to stand up and be independent of the ruling party.

For such a person like you, would have the social status and financial foundation to live comfortably into retirement. Who would want to risk the wrath, personal attacks, smearing and public scrutiny by becoming the "non-PAP endorse" Presidential candidate? This is especially so when we have witnessed what previous non-PAP endorse contender has been treated in the past. Unless there is a high calling as well as sense of Public Service, nobody with such status would want to "trouble troubles".

Whatever the outcome of this Presidential Elections, I am proud to have become part of this little process to enhance true democracy of checks and balances. I am proud to be your friend as well. I have to thank you for allowing me to play my little role in this whole process.

Best regards,
Meng Seng

President - role and responsibilities

I understand the role of the President - speech given to my supporters.

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Video messages of supporters

A young supporter (English)

A young supporter (Chinese)

An older supporter (English)

TKL Message to Young Singaporeans

Spend time to think about what you like to see for the future of Singapore ....

Statement from PMO on PE Campaigning

Statement from Tan Kin Lian on Guidelines on PE Campaigning

1. What do you think of the principles and guidelines laid out in the statement?

I would have preferred the guidelines to be issued at least six months earlier. Earlier publication would have allowed all citizens to give comments freely, regardless of who might appear as candidates later.

As it is issued now, after the candidates and their platforms are known, it gives rise to concerns about fair play, especially where the rules on campaigning now differ from the recently held general election.

Notwithstanding these, I am prepared to contest under these guidelines

2. Why do you think they are being issued?

These guidelines, which are clearly intended to set the rules of engagement, should be fair and even handed. The Singapore people will ultimately be the judge on whether their new President has been fairly and deservedly elected.

3. Which guidelines strike you the most?

I am puzzled by the reference to ".., it is not the President’s role to support or oppose the Government of the day or to advance his own agenda or policies."

The statement had identified the following two duties of the President:
a) be a custodian of Singapore’s reserves
b) ensure that only people of integrity are appointed to the key public sector jobs.

In exercising these duties, the President may have to act independently of the Government in the interest of the people.

There are also other important duties of the President which are not covered by this statement, in particular on the duties of the President in the maintenance of racial and religious harmony, the Internal Security Act, the Corrupt Practices Investment Bureau and the grant of clemency.

In carrying out these duties, the President may have to take a different position from that taken by the Government – especially in a situation where there could be a suspected abuse of executive power.

4. Specifically, how do you feel about the rules on election rally and the category of people allowed to conduct election activities (unlike the GE campaign)?

It is difficult to reach out to the population of several million voters with just one election rally.

With such limited outreach opportunities, the Singapore mainstream media would have a huge amount of influence on the Presidential Elections. I hope that they will rise to the occasion and dispel previous concerns by being truly even handed and fair in their reporting and coverage.

The change in rules on the category of people who are allowed to conduct election activities at this late hour is also quite unfair to a candidate with limited resources.

5. How do you intend to campaign? Will you be holding rallies or walkabouts?

I feel that election rallies and walkabouts are important. We will plan our activities based on the number of days and the types of activities allowed for the campaign

More time to review

These are my immediate reactions. My team and I will be reviewing our plans and strategies and I may have further comments after that.

Tan Kin Lian

Videos of Tan Kin Lian Media Conference

Comment on Tan Kin Lian - bv Rex

Rex comments as follows,

For the sake of proper discussion, i will comment on the three objections raised against TKL:

I think people get this impression because of the recent case where TKL wanted to sue someone on the blog for publishing what TKL beileves are lies. I followed through the details, and i did find that the allegations were indeed very serious. It is not just a personal attack, but it was one with an anectdotal context, the truth of which is crucial to understanding the character of tKL. Therefore, i do not find it a all "petty" and anyone with a decent public reputation would logically consider legal redress. There is this issue of the election deposit. People are saying TKL is rich and should not be petty to ask for donations from his supporters who are not so rich. Well, in that case i will tell them go vote for Tony Tan, he'll never ask you for donations. You vote for the person whom you think serve Singaporeans better. Donation is voluntary, if you like you donate if you don't just shut up. Focus on a independent candidate with passion and conviction.

Who isn't egotistical to some extent? Tony Tan? Tan Cheng Bok? There is no saint on earth. You can be a President to serve people, but you also want a bit of satisfaction of some form of recognition and not receive insults. If TKL is egotistical to the extreme, he certainly would not have dirtied his hands with so many things post retirement. That are many many CEOs and retired civil servants enjoying their retirement in peace and enjoying their wealth. Why go through all this hassle to campaign for presidency... TKL passion to do something for the country is 80% real and maybe 20% ego, please be more observant. you can;t find anyone like him in Singapore, the rich men all take cover after retirement and play golf.

"√Źntolerant of Criticism"
To some extent nobody likes to be criticised. If you consider TKL intoleratn of criticsm, let us ask ourselves, how does Tan Cheng Bok or Tony Tan react to criticsm? Perhaps they are not tested? Do bear in mind we are selecting one out of three, have to apply the same standards. We tend to apply rigorous standards to TKL because maybe he has a user friendly blog for 4 years so we know the style. But Tony Tan and TCB are completely shielded from public access. How do you judge their reactions when criticised? You don't know. But for TKL, i think he is quite fair. Comments which are merely personal attacks are always removed from his blog. I think this is the right way to go. Comments which differ from his but politely written has always been published. I think he is fairly tolerant to criticisms if raised reasonably.

There is no perfect human being. Choose wisely the three Tan's.


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Endorsement from Financial Freedom blog

Here is a personal perspective from the author of this blog:

Presidential Election - views of netizens

Read this report and the views of netizens

Media conference by Tan Kin Lian - videos

Here are the videos of my introductory speech and the questions and answers session . 

Introductory speech by Tan Kin Lian at Media Conference

This is the introductory speech made by me at the Media Conference on 7 July 2011.

After the speech, there was an active question and answer session (videos will be posted separately). Later, I  went to the Election Department to lodge the application for the Certificate of Eligibility. I am commited to stand for the Presidential Election, if I get the certificate of eligibility.

Tan Kin Lian

Guided by the right values - Ivy Singh

I am not a Tan Kin Lian supporter but I am a supporter of his five very good values of honesty, fairness, positive attitude, courage, and public service. The key word HONESTY is very often missing from the vocabulary of people especially politicians .

As such I can easily vote for Tan Kin Lian because he represents the very values I have also been brought up with as a child and have tried my best to be guided at all times by these values.


Media conference - Tan Kin Lian

I am holding a media conference at 10 am at the Bayview Hotel. After the conference, I will be submitting my application for the Certificate of Eligibility at the Election Department in Prinsep Street.

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Why we need a President - Ivy Singh

First of all the question to ask is ‘DO WE NEED A PRESIDENT?” and if the answer is yes then we must ask ourselves “WHY, WHAT FOR and WHO SHOULD IT BE?”

I am a fortunate 62 year old Singaporean and I do have a view about how I would like my country to move forward.

I am very clear in my mind that we in Singapore need a President for now. The reason is because we are currently bombarded everyday with the following words that worry me :

RULING PARTY – These words indicate to me that we are a ruled people and nation and therefore we could be like slaves in the kingdom. Kings and Queens in most modern developed countries nowadays are quite powerless and they are usually quite kind and do good things for society. I do not have the same confidence in all politicians.

PARTY IN POWER – These words also worry me because POWER strikes me, that unless I am in the same party I am powerless.

As such it is clear to me that we need a president so that in times of ABSOLUTE DESPAIR I can refer to his or her office for some compassion. In other words He or she must almost be the god that I can pray to and give me some kind of an answer whether it is good news or bad news but it must be an honest answer.

Singapore is a young nation in the making and we people are in charge of our own destiny and the constitution we would like our country to be governed by so that we can become the paradise that it should be – We are small but we are blessed being where we are located in the world – A cross road for almost the world. We have still enough good and honest people who care for our country and want to make the difference not only for ourselves but for the rest for our fellow men and women and children and anything with the heartbeat living in this beautiful little island called Singapore.



Is there room for respect?

Here is a good article by Andrew Loh, the founder and former chief-editor of The Online Citizen. I understand that Andrew is no longer connected with TOC.

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Certificate of Eligibility for Tan Kin Lian

Affordable HDB flats

Many people have written about the high cost of HDB flats under the DBSS, BTO and EC schemes. The problem has become so large that even the Minister, Khaw Boon Wan, is having sleepless nights. The main culprit, in my view, is the use of tendering for the price of land.

To make HDB flats affordable, we have to get away from using tender to fix the market price of land. It is better to adopt a different measurement, such as the valuation that is used to determine property tax. It is market linked, but does not push the prices to the extreme. If we price land using a more conservative approach, and allow a big supply of land to be made available on tap, it will moderate the increase in prices.

I will write more about this matter, and cover a few related issues, within the next few days.

Split within the PAP?

An interesting article about the two candidates from the PAP

Electing a President with limited powers

This message is sent by my supporter to his friends who are cynical about electing a President that has limited powers.

Given that the government does not intend to scrap the office of the President, why not put all your weight behind the candidate that is most independent of the ruling party to help develop a basis of checks and balances, however difficult. With Tan Kin Lian, you have more chance of getting some value for your money, instead of being cynical about it and giving up in despair.
Tan Kin Lian holds the view that we do not necessarily need full executive powers to promote and nurture change. We can do it by the power of influence and of being the voice of the people. However, we do have to work within the system and in cooperation with the government. With the steps which PM Lee Hsien Loong are taking these days, we are all hopeful that he is sincere in wanting positive change and it's really like doing tap dancing or practicing tai chi to gain one step at a time. We will get there, not tomorrow but by golly, we will!

Taking risky bets with our reserves

At the US ambassador's reception last night, a Singaporean asked me, "Mr. Tan, if you are the President and there is another global financial crisis, will you allow our GIC to make an investment such as the risky purchase of Citibank? How would you stop it?"  I told him that I will think about it and post my reply.

I know that it is outside of the scope of the duty of the President (who is responsible only for safeguarding  the past reserves) and the Minister of Law had said the the President should not interfere with the actual investments of the fund.

In an earlier statement, I said that the investment of the reserves should be made prudently and for the long term. I believe that the investment policy should be within the duty of the President. As there is disagreement on this point, it is better for this matter resolved at a later date.

As the safeguarding of the CPF savings and the national reserves is so important to the people,  it is important for the people to choose a candidate who has the financial knowledge and expertise and is able to take an independent view from the people responsible to invest the reserves. This is the essence of the custodial role and holding the second key.

Tan Kin Lian

US ambassador David Adelman

I attended the reception at the invitation of the US ambassador David Adelman to celebrate the 235th anniversary of the Independence of the United States. Here is a photo with the ambassador. He has three children - so I gave him the shape quiz to pass to them. I also met many Singaporeans who recognize me  and told me that they would be voting for me.

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Election Website

You can view my election website using this link:
The website has been recently re-designed.

HDB prices

I have posted a comment to suggest how the HDB prices can be made affordable to young people and first time buyers.

Listening to the people

The Government needs to listen to the people. The best way is to vote a President that is independent of the
Government and can be the voice of the people.

Why I support Mr Tan Kin Lian - Catherine Kwang

Watching him at Speakers' Corner helping the helpless,
Reading his blog as he continuously and tirelessly educate
the layman and empowering them and me,
Witnessing personally the enormous support from his former
colleagues from NTUC Income,
Seeing the strong bond he has with his family,
And finally, meeting him in person.

I am even more determined to support him.

What you see is what you get.
Not pretentious, not trying to please people but just being
himself. This is his greatest strength. This is my kind of
President. And I think he will be a very interesting and
special president. But most of all, I believe I can take him
at his word and he will be a president with a heart for the people.

Catherine Kwang

Sunday, July 03, 2011

An encouraging message

My Dearly Beloved of the people Mr Tan Kin Lian.
Thank you so much for standing up to be counted!
My wife and I will surely VOTE for you in your humble bid for The Elected Presidency of Singapore!
We are very impressed after we saw that demonstrated your wonderful support for the financially ignorant folks in the minibond series and spoke up for them at Speakers Corner!
Now that we read your very humble beginnings, we all the more covinced of your heart for the poorer folks of our beloved island whom our ruling party has largely overlooked by their material greed and arrogance!
We were at Whampao hawker centre today and met 6 male senior citizens who also voiced their support for your candidacy!
Tonight we will be at a friend's garden party in the Hougang area and we will surely speak up for you! So even if you run on a very tight budget, the spontaneous verbal support from those would like you to represent us as Singapore's President is surely more valueable than flag and banners which are only props!

Donate to the TKL for President campagin

I wish to ask my readers to donate to the campaign as a show of your support, and to encourage your friends, colleagues and contacts to do likewise. You can donate here:

Singaporean in Melbourne

Dear Mr Tan,

I would love to vote for you but I am based in Melbourne. I will pray that Singapore will have a people's president who truly care for the citizens and not the one of the PAP who care for their own pockets. We want a Singapore for Singaporeans first, and not the other way round. I too lost my last job to Pinoy, that was why I decided to uproot and come down under. Right now, I am studying (courtesy of the Australian Govt), and would be in the work force shortly. 

Wish you the best, and in a few months, hello Mr President !

Winning back public trust after GE

An excellent article by Ngiam Tong Dow.
My views about the ministerial salary and the transparency of the reserves are similar to Ngiam Tong Dow. I am glad that he highlighted these two points as being the most important for building the trust of the public.

University education

Many young Singaporeans appear to be angry at missing the chance for a university education here. Their parents have to spend a lot of money to send them for education overseas.

Marxist conspiracy - if it happens again

I was asked - what would I have done, if I was the President in 1987 when action was taken against the people involved in the alleged "Marxist conspiracy?" .

My honest answer is, "It would depend on the information that was made available to me at that time". I would still rely on my personal values of honesty, fairness and courage. If I believed that the arrested people were unfairly arrested, i.e. that they do not represent a security threat to the state, I would have the courage to reject their detention. (But I do not wish to judge any of the parties that were involved at that time, as they might have been given misleading information at that time).

A more important questions is - what would I have done today, if I were the President and a similar event had occurred. Fortunately, we are now in a different era - where the Internet allows greater transparency to uncover any abuse of power. It would be easier today to uncover the truth from the lies or forced confessions.

The citizens would have to depend on the ability of the President to act honestly, fairly and independently and exercise courage to stop any such abuse of power. I will be able to meet up with this standard.

Tan Kin Lian

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