Thursday, August 11, 2005

48 million hits in June 2005

The various websites managed by NTUC Income has hit 48 million hits in June 2005. This is a 5 fold increase from 9 million hits 3 years ago.

The visits have increased signifcantly due to:

- launch of Big Trumpet
- revamp of our website

We are probably one of the top 10 websites in Singapore - and this counts the large banks with internet banking and the internet service providers.


For candidates who want to work in NTUC Income, visit our recruitment portal:

Happy National Day.

Singaporeans should learn to see "grey"

In my interaction with many Singaporeans, I find quite a common trait. They see things as "black" or "white". They cannot see things as "grey".

For an issue, they make judgement on what is "right", which is based on their personal opinion. They cannot see that there are many other choices that can also be "right".

They are not able to accept that some things are "not right", but they are also "not wrong".

There people are quite to jump to conclusions (without checking the view of the other person), to make judgement and to criticise other people. We see them reported as the "ugly Singaporean" when they travel overseas.

Here are some tips:

- recognise that there is "black", "white" or many shades of "grey"
- recognise that there can be several "right" choices - not only your own
- respect the views and opinions of others
- as you fight for your "rights", remember that other people also have "rights".

Happy National Day.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Cost to Video Record your home

Some owner want to install a camera at their home, and record the visitors into a DVR recorder. he following is available at Sim Lim Square:

a wireless camera (9V battery operated) + a receiver: $98
DVR with 80 GB HDD: $600.

The 2 equipments allow video recording of the entrance at your home. The hard disk allows rcording for up to one month.

National Day, 9 August 2005

We are celebrating the 40th anniversary of our Nation.

This year's National Day is a happier occasion:

- the economy is growing
- the stockmarket is robust
- jobs are now easier to find

We must look further ahead. Globalisation will continue to make a big impact on our way of life:

- business is getting very competitive.
- margins are being squeezed
- customers are more demanding

We need to innovate and change.

Here are some tips to ordinary people on how to cope with the challenging times:

- be frugal
- be modest
- have some savings

I wish you a happy National Day.

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