Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Financial Planning for All

Many people need financial planning.

They have to make supplementary savings for their retirement. In many countries, the savings in national and company schemes are inadequate. As jobs become less stable, many people need to change their jobs several times during the working life. This makes personal savings more important.

I have recorded an interview to give educational advice on financial planning. This can be found in Click on "Ask Mr Tan".

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Bus from Heathrow to Oxford

I took a bus from Heathrow to Oxford. The cost was Pds 15 for a single trip. When I returned, I paid another Pds 15.

I asked the driver what was the return fare. It was Pds 18. So, I paid Pds 12 extra by buying two single tickets.

Lesson: ask about the return price, before you start the firt leg of the journey. If there is great value, it is better to buy a return ticket. Even if you do not use it, you can sell it to another person!

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