Thursday, March 30, 2023

Wisdom of the Crowd - New Issues

1. Should China give up its claim on South China Sea?
2. Should China object to western leaders visiting Taiwan?

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Anonymous said...

Ikan bilis country in the eyes of the world ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Effective parenting; Helping young children master their increasing independence.

Setting limits; For safety but allow them to explore and show more confidence in the world.

Allow failures; Failure is a natural part of learning.

Anonymous said...

Some agents with flyers stationed during weekends at busy malls and places are promoting- that we put 99% of the property in children's names so we only pay 1% of the ABSD. We have heard it from different agents during different times but after checking with a lawyer, she claimed that she heard it too but has not come across it herself yet.

Anonymous said...

A happy person wants everything.
A sick person just wants one thing.

Anonymous said...

这个国家保护银行和金融机构而不是人民和客户。 当有人将错误行为的注意力带到 M.A.S. 他们的答复是调查,如果有任何行动都是私下进行的,我们不确定是否有隐瞒?

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