Saturday, June 02, 2007

Traffic in Jakarta

The traffic in Jakarta is congested. It moves slowly most times of the day. It takes a long time to travel a short distance.

Most managers have a driver. The salary of a driver is less than USD 100 a month. Although they have to spend a longer time on the road, the managers are able to discuss business in the car or to prepare for their meeting.

Jakarta has a system of bus-ways. They run on dedicated lanes. There are a few routes that run from north to south, with a circular line to connect them. To move from one place to another, the commuter may have to change to another line. It is easy to understand the system and to move from one part of the city to another part.

I hope that Jakarta will build a mono-rail system to take large number of commuters. They can follow the system of the bus-ways, as it is easy to understand.

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Good joke. Hahahaha.....

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