Friday, May 02, 2008

Thai workers protest for higher minimum wage

Thousands of workers waving flags and banners gathered in the Thai capital on Labour Day to call on the government to raise the minimum wage and improve their welfare.


Anonymous said...

Nothing of this sort in Singapore so far. Or is it there are no such big problems affecting the masses here? But if we do, it means either Singaporeans do not believe in or are scared to organise such actions so they suppress their frustrations and anger and suffer quietly. Hence people (particularly those at the top) see surface peace and calm and thought things are quite OK. Or like some people say, "tip of the iceberg".

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr Tan.

Do you think that Singapore should have a minimum wage policy? I find that the wages earned by our lower income people are not enough to survive.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 11.14 am

Based on their concrete actions, the PAP does not believe in minimum wage policy, price controls for essential items etc to help the poor. It prefers 1,2 or more off handouts, NTUC FAIRPRICE vouchers, NTUC discounts, religious and community groups (free meals), MP meet-the-people sessions to help the poor. You see, if you need help, there are so many avenues to go and beg (sorry seek) for help. What is the problem?
Also it believes in cost competitiveness. If foreigners can and want to do the job for even $600-800 per month, get them. The more (employment statistics will go up) the merrier and make them PRs if they want.
Best of all, many walkovers and a strong mandate endorsing such policies at every election. So why need minimum wage policy? Get it?

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