Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to avoid scams

Hello, Mr. Tan,

I was approached by an financial consultant offering an investment product called forex phaetorian. This product originated from an investment company in Singapore. It is a 2 years term, capital guaranteed and 12% interest guaranteed payable every six month. The consultant told me that 12% investment return in singapore is very common.

Mr Tan, what do you think? I mean, if it is so good, then the whole of Singapore should know about it and sold out fast. Why do they have to come to Malaysia and sell to us? I was told it is a private placement and not a public offering product.


There must be a catch. If something is too good to be true, then it is likely to be a scam. Do not trust any product that appears "too good to be true".


Sgbluechip said...

If the product is so good, ask the financial consultant to sell to the banks and Temasek holdings.

zhummmeng said...

Why don't the consultants buy for themselves if they are so good. Just like sometime ago ntuc agents were asked to buy revosave for themselves, to show they walked the talk. Did they?
Of course not.... the suckers were the consumers and there are still a lot of suckers...
The poster of this comment is right.
Did Singaporean buy? That would be enough business for the issuer or manufacturer of that product. Why seek out victims in Malaysia? Something is wrong!!!! Why didn't ntuc agents buy revosave if it is so good? It is supposed to be good for sunny and rainy days. Why??? You mean the consumers are suckers, cannot distinguish between sunny and rainy days...
A fool is born everyday.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this post.. I'm keen to know more on this investment.. 2% per mth is a good investment to consider.
Invest whatever we can afford to lose.
can give me the website link info?

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