Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stress and uncertainty with Incomeshield

Hi Mr. Tan,

I would like to seek you advice on my Incomeshield. Previously, I was still covered under Medishield. I underwent an operation to remove X and Y. Later, I switched to Incomeshield. I declared the operation but forgot about the Y and only indicated X. I was accepted with no exclusion term.

Recently I found out about the omission and make another declaration. I was excluded from any claim relation to and/or arising out of Y.

I called CPF to check if I were to revert back to Medishield, would Y be excluded? They were not able to answer it. I called NTUC, they are not able to advise whether the basic component will still cover that.

At the point of my operation, I was covered under Medishield. What is the possibility that CPF will exclude this clause. I'm in dilemma as to whether I should continue with NTUC or go back to CPF.

I believe that Incomeshield is required (by Ministry of Health) to cover you for Y for the Medishield limits under Medishield. You can confirm this point with NTUC Income. If this is the case, you can lodge a complaint about giving you a lot of stress and uncertainty.

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auntykwayteow said...

Hi Mr Tan, Below FAQ from CPF website for your infor. Regards,

30. Will there be any underwriting if I choose to upgrade from MediShield to a Medisave-approved private integrated plan?

The private insurer will underwrite your application based on your current health condition then. Your MediShield cover will continue under the Medisave-approved private integrated plan following the terms and conditions offered to you when you were with CPF Board. Any additional exclusions imposed by the private insurer will not be applicable to your MediShield cover.

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