Sunday, June 28, 2009

Call for Free Money Advice Scheme

Read this BBC report.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Tan, FISCA can fill the role. Get funding from the gahment instead of wasting it on the no sense MoneySense.
FISCA will not only provide financial advice but also review for policyholders to check for mis-selling and conflict of interest in their policies and investment.Better still, provide a panel of lawyers for members to sue the FIs and the insurance agents.
This is where all the whistle blowing will come from. MAS should be happy that it is getting true and genuine feedback and not from the FIs and insurance companies who cover up the internal malpractice and the agents'

Anonymous said...

Actually one should spend well within one's means and save for a rainy day.

Also anything that is too good to be true usually is.

Hence I think what is needed is common sense advice. But like they say common sense is not so commmon.

Just use common sense

Anonymous said...

Effective from 1st July 2009 , ordinary investors can bid for SGS bonds through ATM machine. Minimum bid is $1000, in cash or CPF. Tenors are in 2,5,7,10 and 15 years.
You decide the return (by bidding) and you can hold to maturity to enjoy a stream of incomes or sell through SGX if you find the price is right to make capital gain.They are liquid and no lock in like those dumb single premium endowments and they are risk free.

No more those single premium endowments con job by insurance agents.

Terminator III

Anonymous said...

Right, no more of those con rip off single premium endowment from ntuc, pru, hsbc, tmasia etc.
The SGS offers risk free investment, liquidity , income and capital gain.
Remember , when an insurance agent approaches you ask how theirs compared to SGS.

Anonymous said...

SGS bonds are risk free. First time ever you can buy direct. They are better than what the banks and the insurance companies can offer.
One important feature of these bonds is NO LOCK IN.

A Tan said...


Between CASE and FiSCA, who will get taxpayers $?

Heard CASE has proposed this to MAS yonks go.

Anonymous said...

You people can pay directly to FISCA
and you can get advice to sue insurance agents after a policy review.

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