Saturday, July 25, 2009

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"Mr. Tan Kin Lian is organising a Petition to the Prime Minister to ask him to assist the investors to get similar compensation given to investors in Hong Kong. Please inform the people who are affected by the credit-linked notes to sign the Petition. The blog is".


Anonymous said...

"Another way of doing this is to take out a full-page advertisement on ST, not to complain, but rather to show why it is unfair that the FIs were not punishedl, why the products are flawed, and why stronger government actions are needed. now the question is: is this allowed in Singapore?"

Who to pay? May be not to complain or ask for hasher punishment to FIs, but just to show victims' unhappiness and why they feel unfairly treated. Costs may be shared by victims.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Can the person who suggest taking an advertisement find out the cost of a full page advertisement and if the newspaper will take such an advertisement.

If you think this is feasible, write the message for the advertisement.

I will help to find if there are sufficient investors willing to contribute towards the cost of the ad.

To make this suggestion feasible, be ready to do the ground work.

Anonymous said...

Basically an advertisement is defined as an announcement targetted to an audience to persuade them to part with their money in consideration for their acquiring a service or a product of some kind.
So we can't say this approach is an advertisement, Straits Times wouldnt' accept it as an advertisement, since it is not asking anyone to buy anything.

This approach is more akin to paying the newspaper to publish a Notice or Announcement. Unfortunately, whichever way the annoucement is to be written, there will be insinuations that certain party did not carry out certain responsibilities, this become potentially libellious, so therefore straits times would not want to publish it either as a paid announcement. A paid announcement needs to be completely neutral, that generates no controversy, but it is difficult to be completely netural in generating words acceptable to all and words which are at the same time to be effective enough.

I hate to be a dampener, but i bet 100% they wouldnt publish it, since whole list of journalists don't even want to reply to Tan Kin Lian.

Anonymous said...

I support this advertisement in the press and will gladly share the cost, including getting a professional to put our case across. I see no reason why the press will not take this advertisement. This is the same tactic as what the Sg Govt had been doing in the past to put their point across when the press did not publish their press statements.

A Tan said...

Taz the way to go.

Investors, don't juz suggest and expect TKL to do everything. Do it yr self.

Someone posted that petition should include a lot of things not in present petition. Why don't you draft it and send to TKL?

Don't juz talk talk.

Anonymous said...

I think the petition to the PM is clear enough and do not need any redrafting. To ensure a wider coverage and to put more pressure on the authorities to act fairly, I would suggest that the petition be sent as an open letter to the PM and advertised in the press. If there are 1,000 signatures and if the cost were to be shared, I guess a full page advertisement would not cost more that $20,000.00. This works out to $20.00 each.

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