Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Express your views

I write this blog to express my views. Visitors to my blog can also express their views and give their reasons. I do not intend to engage in a debate with people having different views from me. This is not a platform for debating. I do not have the time to engage in one to one debates.

If you wish your views to be posted, you should show respect. Do not attack my views or any other views or make personal comments. If you are abusive, your views will not be posted. I do not block different views, but only those that are abusive or disrespectful.

Some visitors use this blog as a platform to promote their own views. Please create your own blog for your purpose.

Some visitors do not like my views, or see their views blocked. They are not required to visit this blog. There are 1 million other blogs that they can visit.

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