Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A narrow mind and judgmental

Many Singaporeans have a peculiar mindset that is probably produced by our environment  - narrow minded and judgmental. Let me illustrate it with this example.

I wrote a blog about the unrest in Tunisia. I had visited Tunisia on two occasions and found a great deal of similarity in the political structure of Tunisia and Singapore, which I described in my blog. I was aware that there must also be many differences, but I did not cover them because of my ignorance and my intent to focus on the similarity.

Someone criticized me personally in another blog, arguing that I was "wrong" in judging the situation between Tunisia and Singapore. This person followed a certain mindset:
  • Interpret what was not there, i.e. that I had implied that the situation was exactly the same in both countries, and attacked the interpretation
  • Pass judgement, that I was "wrong"
I like to ask my readers to be broad minded in reading my views. If you have a different perspective, you can express your own views. You do not have to pass judgment on my views, especially when you have not clarified what my views are. Who are you to judge?

Tan Kin Lian


Tyona said...

He's right.
You are right also.

yujuan said...

The differeence between Singapore and Tunisia is simply Singapore's unemplyment rate is low, although the pay here is low relative to inflation rate, while Tunisia has high unemployment said to be in the double digits. Many young people in this Arab country could not get jobs, and are frustrated, restless and angry. So, even if the political structure is same,
not likely Singapore would follow the way of Tunisia.
Thus both Mr. Tan and the self-appointed critic judge are right.

Unknown said...

its good to encourage alternative views.. even if its alternate to our own.

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