Thursday, February 17, 2011

Competition Judge on “Wisdom on How to Live Life”

From the18th Annual Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards Competition, the judge commented on “Wisdom on How to Live Life” as follows:

This was a wonderful, thought changing book. I thought the author did a wonderful job of using the conversations between the two Gurus and Tom to teach the lesson of the book. I was very impressed with the easy of reading such complex ideas. Dr. Wong used “real life” examples, I could almost picture who Guru Dick was (I have met many of these types) and the same for Guru Harry (I only hope to know more people like this in my life). The story Dr. Wong tells has helped me to inspire to be a better person in everything I do.
Tommy Wong’s books are on a special one-day promotion (2-6 pm on 19 Feb 2011) at Tan Kin Lian’s office.

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