Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My grandaughters - Vera and Nadya

Here is a picture of my two grand-daughters, taken more than a year ago. I will put up an updated picture later.

In case you wonder why they have Russian names, my son-in-law Vitali is Russian. (Hear this song Moscow Night)

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yujuan said...

Vera looks more Chinese, except with bigger and rounder eyes, also has the same nose as TKL.
The Baby is too small to gauge.
Envy TKL, our children refuse to consider marriage, with one approaching 37 years of age.
When would be our turn to show off our grandchildren to be. Something wrong with our society, have been pushing them to look for foreign spouses, don't want to die without holding a grandchild in the arms.

michael13 said...

Our society is not wrong. Our understanding of human motivation to procreate is not right.

There is a saying: "To deal effectively with people, we need to know what's most important to them, specifically what their hierarchy of values is".

Another word, young people cannot be forced to do something that are not within their values of hierarchies. All along, our government's procreation policies emphasis more on monetary incentives over the past decades, in which have ended in total failure. My humble personal opinion.

By the way, I have three(3) granddaughters, aged seven, four and three. Not too bad because both my daughter and son-in-law love children.

I hope our future Elected President will be allowed to speak freely or to comment objectively on this important issue so that we do not need to consider to import more and more 'Foreign Talent'(FT).

yujuan said...

Blame this PAP Govt for telling us to stop at two, the third child would not have chance to get into good school, else has third chance chance to have grandchildren.
Now the other significant half has
"Yang Wei" and poor sperm count, else would try for a third child, should have boldly tried the sperm donation bank 4 or 5 years ago, should the two kids shown their marital inclination earlier.
Alas, now the womb has kosong eggs.
There goes my tiny bit of contributing to boosting Singapore's population.
Sons say the materialistic culture
of Singaporean women and the cost of living at fault, not them.
So, try pushing them to marry foreign women, still trying very hard to push. Wish us luck.

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