Friday, August 12, 2011

Support Tan Kin Lian

If you support Tan Kin Lian for President of Singapore, you can leave your name and email address on this page:


Larry said...

Why should i support u at the first place?

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan has been vocal towards The Presidential Campaign amongst the candidates. I agree with him that this coming President should be an alternative party or channel to hear the People's Voice.

Anonymous said...

//Why should i support u at the first place?

Because he really cares for the welfare and well-being of ordinary people. He has expressed his concerns and has made suggestions on the following issues :

1)the affordability of HDB flats

2)the need of unemployment insurance for the workers

3)the widening income gap between the elites and ordinary workers

4)the transportation woes of ordinary people

5)the high public medical fee

6)the need of minimum wage

7)the selling of complex credit-link notes(most of them are high risk with only moderate return) to ordinary people

8)the selling of high cost and low yield insurance products to ordinary people

Anonymous said...

I support Mr Tan KL because I do not want a President who has connections here and there.

Redstar said...

I saw Kin Lian speaking for the man on the street during the recent 2008 global financial crisis when investors were spooked by DBS Bank's toxic products like Lehman Mini-bonds, DBS High Notes etc. Despite much silence by our leaders and financial community, our highly paid civil servants at MAS did not offer any solutions which I deem worthy. Hong Kong regulators seem to do better for their citizens. I was extremely disappointed with the supposedly bright minds of the Singapore system. Pay for the best, and you get top performance is plain BULL-SHIT. People who are too focused on $$$ sure cannot focus well on the issues affecting Singaporean society. Like America, the government is funded by and worked for the rich and powerful families.

Where was Tony Tan and Tan Cheng Bock back then? You remembered what they said for the people affected? Any expressions of sympathy for those poor souls? Or was it a "They've got themselves to blame for their greed, ignorance, gullibility"?? Did they spoke out for victims of commercial frauds? Errant spa victims, investment scams etc.??

The answer is CLEAR. One man stands out among many. He is the ex-CEO of NTUC INCOME. Let's not let his selfless sacrifices and efforts go to waste. Vote TAN KIN LIAN for a better Singapore.

Anonymous said...

MY grandmother was one of the people you helped when her bank lost her money. You have my support Mr Tan.

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