Friday, February 10, 2012

Worker's Party and Yaw Shin Leong

This letter was published in the Straits Times on 10 February 2012

I agree with the decision taken by MP Yaw Shin Leong to 
resign as treasurer of the Workers Party and the exemplary 
approach taken by the leadership of the Workers Party 
in handling this difficult issue.

I also agree with the stance taken by Mr. Yaw and the 
leaders of the Workers Party in choosing to remain silent 
over the rumors of extra marital affairs.

We have to respect the right as a citizen, including a public
figure, to remain silent on private matters that do not affect the
performance of their public duty.

There is no need to make further disclosures, as 
there is a need to protect the privacy of Mr. Yaw's family.

The voters of Hougang will judge Mr. Yaw at the next
general election. 

I am heartened to read the words of support from many 
residents to Mr. Yaw, who has worked in the grassroots of 
Hougang for many years, even before becoming
their elected Member of Parliament.

The people of Singapore will have to accept that they will not 
be able to find angels to be their leaders, either in the current 
party in power or in an alternative political party. 
I like to express appreciation to Mr. Yaw's wife for her
strong support of her husband in this difficult situation and 
to wish the best for their family.

Tan Kin Lian


yujuan said...

Hope that Yaw would have learned a lesson here, and if he can't rein in his Chee Ko Pek's conduct, then next GE, he should quit politics, and then could play around to his heart's content, nobody would give a damn.
Meanwhile, let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Under intense scrutiny, he'll better buck up and do his MP job well in Hougang.
However,this dun mean PAP politicians are all pristine white, we've caught one very respected Elite, behaving very closely with a woman from a reputable Casino Company, up in Whistler Mts, Vancouver, and upon being recognized, quickly ducked away.

Tan Kin Lian said...

There is an active discussion in The Online Citizen about this letter. You can read the comments in

Anonymous said...

By now, young and old in Singapore have come to know of Yaw alleged affair, associating him being promiscuous and committing adultery with a married woman, which may lead to broken family.

As parent, we look forward to his immediate condemation of such behaviour publicly, so that our children do not follow suit and thinking that any problem arise can just be wished away easily with silence.

As an elected MP and a public role model, he has more moral obligations to Singaporeans to reject such liberal western values.

Anonymous said...

How can you ever agree and not take a stand on adultery.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:53pm "take a stand on adultery"?

Adultery is not a crime, neither is the male party solely responsible. Last but not least, understand the difference between church and state.

recruit ong

Anonymous said...

I think the Main Stream Media has a strong hand in the Yaw episode.

If guilty, his conduct should not be condoned especially when he is a public hero representing the dying breed of opposition campaigners, but Sporeans need to also know that adultery is nothing new in our society, and as such, should Yaw be crucified, so such the many who have gone before him.

The other matter is that since the MSM is so good in investigative reporting, perhaps they can dig out more from the so many other quiet injustices happening all around Spore today ! Let's begin with the dynamic duo from the Police Force shall we :P

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