Monday, September 10, 2012

Exorbitant payments for third party claims

Some motorists were surprised to learn about the large sums paid by their insurers for third party claims. In some cases, the third parties were also at fault, but the insurer paid anyway. In many cases, the amounts paid were exorbitant, e.g. $5000 or $10,000 for a minor damage. The high payments lead to high premium rates and loading on renewal.
Have you experienced this yourself or know of friends who suffered this fate? Share your views here. 


Solomon said...

I have a friend who was involved in an accident and his car was damaged. The mechanic towed his car for repair. Couple of days later, my friend gave a surprise visit to this mechanic's workshop. He found out that the mechanic wrecked his car further so that he could claim higher repair cost.

The mechinic can not work alone to pull off this trick.

My friend is a Malaysian and the accident happened at Nort South highway.

Bugs said...

Same for my case... At first I was told the repair cost is $600, I thaught since not much, why not claim from my insurance company. Three days later I received a letter from my insurance company , informing me there is a claim against me, the amount is $3000. I try to stop my insurance company from paying, but they just ignore my request.

Bugs said...


Anonymous said...

my wife was involved with an ah beng who hit the car, while the car was stationary. he requested my wife to go to his friend's workshop to repair, However, my car is still under warranty, and we don't want to use 3rd party workshop, esp. unknown ones. He was very aggressive to the extent my wife had to called the police. Even though the police took down his statement of being in the wrong, and willing to pay, this evidence (FIR) cannot be taken out of the police official compound. So it is sa good as useless! the ah beng subsequently claim against us and the cost is as much as $6000, even more than the repair for our car, which was around $2000+. So much for the government to have such practice where police statement can not be reproduce until requested by the court, or unless someone is hurt!

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