Friday, December 28, 2012

The spirit of being helpful and positive

A man was cheated by a forex trainer of $5,000. He signed on his credit card to pay the fee for the training but decided not to attend the course. The trainer refused to refund the fee and mocked him. He was pressed by the bank for the monthly payment. Feeling distressed, he threatened to commit suicide.

After I posted his story in my blog and Facebook, there were several unhelpful comments from people who wants to judge others; why commit suicide for $5,000, why so stupid, you deserve it, and the like.

They reflect the character of many people; those who are negative, and have the courage to hit someone who is down. Few people came forward to speak on behalf of the distressed person.

One lady sent an e-mail to me. She asked, "How can I send $1,000 to help him tide over this problem? The $1,000 is money that I donate yearly to a charity anyway; it would be useful to help him." This kind person is aware that the money could be wasted for a lost cause; it does not matter to her; she does not want to judge; she only wanted to help.

I want to share this story about what is being helpful; what is being positive. I hope that it will encourage more people to be helpful and positive. Avoid being negative and judgmental.

For the people who are suspicious, I like to share this additional piece of information. I spoke to the young man. He had many personal problems; he had to take care of sick and disabled parent in a nursing home; he was cheated before; and the $5,000 is just the last straw.

One can be positive and kind, even if one does not have the full information. You have the choice to be like the majority of negative and judgmental people; or to be like the kind person.

Happy New Year.

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