Saturday, January 05, 2013

Future Presidential Election

Dear Mr Tan,
I was reading up on the recent AHTC saga with AIM and I came across your blog posting.  In your blog, you came across as intelligent, mature in thinking and non-partisan.  I must say that I was very surprised as this is very different from the way you were portrayed by the main stream media during the presidential elections.
I am certain that you will agree with me when I say that perception is now reality.  Electorates decide their votes on their perception of a candidate, more than the substance of the candidate.  Two things stand in the PAP's favor.  

Firstly, the political machinery behind the PAP makes it difficult for any alternative candidate.  This edge is however ever diminishing as with the proliferation of social media, the PAP no longer has total control over the spread of information.  

Secondly, the limited time between nomination and election day. As PAP candidates are often serving in political office, they are well-known to the electorate while alternative candidates are usually unknowns.  This second advantage to the PAP can be easily overcome via a concerted effort by the alternative candidate to build his reputation ahead of time.
While I strongly admire you for taking the risk to run in the elections, I must say that your campaign could have been better managed from the PR perspective.  I am a PR Consultant and I specialize in the building, monitoring and protecting of brands and reputations. If you are thinking of making another run for the presidency, I believe that my company can be of service to you .....  

I do not wish to run for a future election, thank you.

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yujuan said...

Is the writer part of the stalking brigade, stalking and trying to trap TKL?

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