Thursday, September 24, 2015

Express your view directly

Mat Alamak said:
Nothing positive will happen from protests. And this Sinkies only know too well. Remember Hong Lim Park and the GE 2015 results?

The purpose of a protest is to register a point. If it is not registered, the people in power thinks that their policy is right and they will continue a bad policy for a long time. This is what has happened to Singapore .Bad policies have continued for several decades.

If many people are willing to participate in a protest, the people in power will know that there is strong opposition to their bad policies. They will also know that their policies are bad and need to be changed.

It is important for the voters to vote into Parliament, people who can be full time MPs and who can spend the time to understand the concerns of the citizens and to spend time to understand and debate government policies.

The next opportunity to vote the right people into Parliament is 2020.

Before that time, the voters can express their views directly in the Wisdom of the Crowd website.  You can play your part now. Register in this website and give your votes. Let your MP in white sleep for the next five years. You give your vote directly!

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