Sunday, September 13, 2015

Full trust in the PAP

Mr. Tan
The Singapore Democratic Party and Dr. Chee Soon Juan have put in many man years of efforts to present alternative policy papers for the future of Singapore. It seemed that the voters do not care about them.

They only care about the SG50 goodies, and the PGP goodies. What are your views on this question?

I agree with you. It reflects poorly on the maturity of the Singapore voters. We have to be ashamed of this state of affairs.

This situation is brought about by 50 rules of PAP rule. They do not want Singaporeans to be mature. They only want to remain in power.

The 70% are willing to put their full trust in the PAP, without any checks and balances. They may have a rude shock when the entire system collapses one day.

But, maybe, it will never happen? Meanwhile, they are happy to live in their comfort zone.

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