Thursday, July 14, 2016

Will the minister come out of hiding?

I took bus 163 after 7 pm. It was dark. I could not see the landmark outside.

I was reminded about our minister in hiding. I am referring to our transport minister. He was quite communicative in the previous two ministries. After moving to transport, he had been rather quiet for many months.

He and his Land Transport Authority decided to keep quiet about the hairline cracks in the MRT trains, rather than notify the commuters. The purpose was "to prevent unnecessary panic".

He and his LTA also chose to ignore many suggestions that I had put forward over the past years for our buses to have a digital display or voice announcement of the next bus stop.

They felt that this was not necessary as the commuters had the uncanny ability to know all the landmarks along the journey, even during the dark night.

Perhaps the minister in hiding should try taking the bus at night, without his encourage of assistants to guide him every step of the way.

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