Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Insurance coverage for Grab Car

Grab Car has provided the following information to me.

Besides the commercial motor insurance, Grab also purchased Group Personal Accident Insurance to cover all GrabCar's passengers and drivers from Accidental Death/Total Permanent Disability (up to USD$20,000) as well as Medical Expenses (up to USD$1,000).

This insurance is paid by Grab and provides additional comfort to our passengers while taking our GrabCar rides. Uber does not have such additional insurance coverage.

The commercial motor insurance coverage is:

Passengers are considered Third Party in Singapore so they are covered under bodily injury (unlimited) and property damage (up to S$500,000).

Passengers will be compensated if drivers choose to activate his commercial motor insurance and they will be covered under TPL.

For TP claims, mainly cover medical expenses given supporting documents such as medical report, invoice from hospital and even following up hospital expenses.

Pain and suffering will be hard to prove and unless it is supported by psychiatrist report etc.

Passengers can activate the Grab's group personal accident insurance to cover for accident death, permanent disabiilty and medical expenses.

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