Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Election of Jakarta Governor - relevance for Singapore

Jakarta is holding the 2nd round election of the governor today.
The top two contestants in the 1st run (Ahok team and Anies team) will now participate in the 2nd round election. Good luck to both teams.

Indonesia has a good system to elect their governors. If the 1st run does not produce a clear majority of 50%, the top two candidates will compete in the 2nd round.

Singapore should adopt this system for the election of the Elected President. This will ensure that the final person who is elected has the votes of more than half of the voters.

The worst case is to have an Elected President who won through a walkover, right?

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Yujuan said...

When TT won the Presidency on razor thin margin, it's not fair to the people. Should have a second round, esp when we perceive TT as the Govt preferred candidate.

Better Govt appoint their own kind, dun waste our precious time, tired of having a rubber stamping President in every Presidency.
Dun agree with Mr. Tan in one aspect, better a walkover than forcing another half hearted candidate to compete, a Govt hypocritical move to pull wool over citizens' eyes.
Listen, play the racial card at Govt's own risk, just dun pull us into the water as well. We want no part in it.

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