Friday, March 23, 2018

Simulation of general election 2020

Mr. Tan,
I have looked at your simulation of the general election due on 2020. I do not believe the results. I think they simulations are incredible. Are they fake news?

I agree with you.
They are as incredible as Donald Trump being elected as President of the United States. Right?

Here are the simulated results.
If you do not agree with the extreme simulations, you can select and view the more moderate simulation with swing less than 25%.

If you are still not happy, you can do you own simulation and choose the factors that are not so bad for the PAP. Here is the link:

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Yujuan said...

Folks here are smart people, they know PAP would be in power for some time, and they vote with their head, not with their heart.
No use appealing to voters' heart, bound to fail one.
They know the present Opposition is a toothless tiger, even know the threat to PM Lee is within the PAP itself and his own direct family. PM may look he has the grip of power tight in hands, but actually he's very vulnerable. Our sympathies.
Not at liberty to elaborate further, we voters are astute bystanders, looking from outside into the within, and situation within PAP could change abruptly should top leadership stumble due to various reasons, just look at American politics.
Though astute, Folks here are extremely kiasi and kiasu, they know the Opposition is wishy washy, they know who is the best Lee family member to take over, but now forced to lie low and watch from the river bank. Presently our priority is to just look after own health and be silent watchers with a hawk's eye.
Anybody could be a king-maker, both within PAP and outside.

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