Wednesday, November 07, 2018

What legacy will LHL leave behind?

When LHL steps down from office, he will leave behind his legacy.

People will remember him for the good and bad policies that he implemented during his years as the prime minister, and for many years earlier, where he had a big influence on govt policies as deputy prime minister and as finance minister.

I think most people will remember his bad policies, and his legacy will be negative.

There is one important change that he can introduce, before he steps down. This change will erase the bad policies and will put Singapore on a path of a brighter future.

What is this important change?

I will write about it in a few days time.

Meanwhile, you can speculate on what I have in mind, or you can also give your own suggestions. OK?


Anonymous said...

He inherited a historical house in a will. The will was tampered with by his own blood family and in-laws, they augmented what his father actually wanted. These are considered to be highly educated people. The saga created world-wide scandal and possibly shamed some people to get involved on social media and choose sides. He was also subjected to being called all sorts of unworthy names; however in the end he made history by choosing not to sue which this country is fame for.

Anonymous said...

When one wont even protect the present head of state (brother), how is it that they are protecting the past head of state ( father's wishes). Who are they trying to kid?

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