Saturday, December 22, 2018

Be customer focused

I share this episode as an example of the need for our big organizations to be more customer focused.

I received a card in my letter box from SingPost. They could not deliver a parcel. I have to bring the card to the POP station (1 mile away) to collect the parcel.

I went to the POP station, scanned the bar code on the card and got a message - Status unknown.

What does this mean? I tried it again, and got the same message.

Later in the evening, I called their call center. It was the typical "bad" call center. I was asked to enter my telephone number and put on hold for several minutes. I kept getting the tiring message that my call is important. Hypocrites!

Finally a staff answered. I explained the situation and gave her the delivery note number. It was a complicated number with many digits and letters. Why does the delivery number have to be so complicated? They cannot simplify it?

The staff also asked for my telephone number. I told her that it was already entered earlier by the automated system. Why ask me to enter it, when they do not wish to use it?

The staff checked the system and after a while told me that the parcel was delivered. Apparently, the postman made a re-delivery and was successful.

But no one told me about the re-delivery. I had to make a trip to the POP station needlessly.

The card did not tell which item was contained in the parcel. It only showed the delivery note number, without a description of the content and without the purchase order number.

SingPost only think about themselves, and not the customer experience. Okay, this is typical of the approach used by big organizations in Singapore.

An organization like SingPost handles many deliveries each day for the past few decades. Surely, they would have known that their process is giving problems to customers? No one cares to rectify it?

I received a request to participate in a survey. It was the typical badly designed, inconsiderate survey form. I gave them a 0 score for a few questions.

Tan Kin Lian


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