Sunday, June 23, 2019

ASEAN pact to reduce marine waste

Well done, Thailand, for getting ASEAN to agree to this pact to reduce marine waste and protect the environment.

Asean has committed itself to reduce marine waste at both the nation and regional level.

The transboundary nature of environmental challenges, from marine debris to haze pollution, makes it impossible for any single country to solve the issue alone.

The first of its kind, the Bangkok Declaration that was adopted yesterday stressed Asean's concern over the rising level of marine debris, in particular marine plastic litter, on marine life, fishing, fisheries, and tourism. It said there is also an urgent need to understand the impact of microplastics on people.

Among the ways Asean aims to tackle the problem is to adopt a more holistic land-to-sea approach, strengthen research capabilities, enhance regional and international cooperation, and increase public awareness.

Thailand, which is Asean chair this year, chose sustainability as its theme for this summit, with delegates getting recycled paper notebooks and tote bags.

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